October 2002

Here it is -- the largest dungeon we've ever released on this site! At 30 by 40 inches, this complete poster's got it all to suit your adventuring needs. In fact, it's so big, it's going to take us three months to get the whole thing to you!

The poster map is made up of 15 separate tiles. We will release a new poster tile each week during the months of August, September, and October, plus an extra one as a Gen Con bonus. A small key at the bottom of each portion shows you the tile highlighted in relation to the rest of the poster map, so you know exactly how it all fits together.

Build your next dungeon along with us, here at the official D&D website!

October Maps

The bottom section of the mega-dungeon contains the final tiles needed to complete this huge complex. In fact, the dungeon is so vast, only the most experienced adventurers should attempt to delve its depths.

10/31 Mini Poster (Bonus)

Download 271k Lo-Res JPGDownload 982k Hi-Res JPG

10/31 Section 3-5

Download 320k JPG

10/24 Section 3-4

Download 294k JPG

10/17 Section 3-3

Download 302k JPG

10/10 Section 3-2

Download 316k JPG

10/03 Section 3-1

Download 309k JPG

September Maps

The mega-dungeon's middle section offers possibilities for further exploration in every direction. We've included small details in the rooms here, but otherwise left them almost featureless to allow you to tailor them to the specifics of your campaign. You can create almost any type of adventure within these dark halls and chambers.

09/26 Section 2-5

Download 316k JPG

09/19 Section 2-4

Download 295k JPG

09/12 Section 2-3

Download 328k JPG

09/05 Section 2-2

Download 326k JPG

August Maps

The first section of the mega-dungeon, the top portion, has several features that run throughout the entire complex. This month you'll discover mysterious pools and large pits -- possibly portals to other areas of the dungeon yet to be explored!

08/29 Section 2-1

Download 308k JPG

08/22 Section 1-5

Download 314k JPG

08/15 Section 1-4

Download 316k JPG

08/08 Section 1-3 -- Gen Con bonus!

Download 321k JPG

08/08 Section 1-2

Download 320k JPG

08/01 Section 1-1

Download 321k JPG

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