July 2002
Cartography by Rob Lazzaretti

This month we offer you a collection of original maps that's pure dungeon crawl! We have purposely kept them light on detail, to make it easier for you to customize them to the needs of your own campaign. Use these free floor plans singly for stand-alone miniadventures featuring just a few creatures, or put them together to form a multileveled dungeon complex stocked with beasts and treasure. Each map is emblazoned with a unique stamp, which you can also tailor to your campaign's specifics.

07/25King's Dungeon: Stamped with the king's crown insignia, this dungeon level features 11 rectangular chambers awaiting exploration by the brave.

Download 342k JPG

07/18 Queen's Dungeon: A round ceremonial chamber serves as the centerpiece for this dungeon level, which bears the mark of the royal fleur-de-lis.

Download 343k JPG

07/11 Emperor's Dungeon: The seemingly endless hallways of this dungeon layout, marked with the imperial stamp, will try the endurance of the stoutest adventuring party.

Download 350k JPG

07/04 Scepter Dungeon: The 11 chambers of this dungeon level are just waiting for you to populate them with monsters and treasure! This map bears the stamp of a scepter-holding regal figure.

Download 339k JPG

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