June 2002

This month cartographer Rob Lazzaretti show us three-dimensional Outer Planes vistas of dead gods -- or rather structures built on and in their remains. Rob has named them in Italian as an homage to his heritage. Their ambience is also somewhat Old World -- rather like Venice meets the computer game Myst.

06/27 Arenan Mortale: A dark and dismal place this is. It was once used for final judgment of the worst criminals. Instead of execution, the guilty ones who were brought here would fight each other until a winner remained. The losers would be displayed for all to see, and the winner would remain to fight until defeated. Those who lost their lives in combat here decorate the tops of the walls, impaled on spikes or left to rot in cages. A few lucky individuals remain held captive in the small tower next to the main island.

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06/20 Fortress del drago del maré: An crazed wizard created this place as a base of operations years ago. The small fortress has several floors devoted to inventing new magic devices. Currently the wizard is experimenting with black powder and has made a large cannon for the defense of the fortress. He has tethered a small hot air balloon for when he needs to travel short distances.

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06/13 Posto del sonno Mann: This place was built to house a small group of warlords who traveled the planes long ago. The strength of the unusual towers is unmatched. The larger main tower serves as the main hall, as well as an armory, eating hall, and library. It also houses some small dormitories for the troops. The smaller stacked tower is where the lords live. The dungeons are carved into the surface of the giant body fragment.

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06/06 La perdita del tutto che sia well: A village sits clustered on the face of a long-deceased goddess. A small castle looms behind the few buildings that are here, and a hot air balloon floats lazily above the ground anchored near the houses. The castle was built ages ago and has housed many inhabitants through the ages. Its rooms are decorated in a a rich but eccentric hodge-podge of different decors from different eras and locales. The first houses were built when a group of adventurers landed and decided to make this odd place their home. Some tunnels beneath the surface are used to store expensive or precious supplies.

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