November 2001
Cartography by Rob Lazzaretti

This month, Wizards cartographer Rob Lazzaretti offers five maps detailing a Githyanki citadel mysteriously floating through the Astral Plane. Built onto an existing chunk of rock -- perhaps a dead deity? -- this is a comparatively small dwelling for the strange race of beings known as the Githyanki. Rob's beautifully rendered maps are ready to be used in any adventure involving planar travel.

11/29 Main Watch Tower: Cut-away view and floorplan of the primary bastion of defense.--------------------

289k JPG 72dpi
349k JPG 150dpi

11/22 Third Floor and Central Tower Sections: Floorplan details of the upper level and focal spire.

283k JPG 72dpi
329k JPG 150dpi

11/15 Ground and Second Floor Sections: Floorplan details of the lower levels.----------------------

301k JPG 72dpi
362k JPG 150dpi

11/08 Side View: How the imposing structure looks upon approach.

285k JPG 72dpi
322k JPG 150dpi

11/01 Overview: A top-down view of the stronghold.------------------------

301k JPG 72dpi
355k JPG 150dpi

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