February 2001

Nothing offers a cartographer more creative freedom (and an adventuring party more obstacles) than magical sites -- constructions unfettered by pesky things like the laws of physics. This month we invited Wizards mapper Todd Gamble to let his imagination run wild, and he answered with four original locations sure to add enchantment to any campaign.

2/22 The Great Petrified Worm Tower: Exquisitelysculpted from the fossilized remains of an enormous worm, this madman's lair now holds untold treasures -- and treachery.
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2/15 School of Sorcery: What magical map collection would be complete without an arcane academy? The uninitiated cannot even fathom the mysterious activities and articles behind this structure's elaborate facade. Download (JPG 135k)
Download (TIF 6.17mb)
2/08 Tower of Deception: A false beacon for weary sailors, this tower is the last resting place -- make that restless place -- of many a missing seaman.
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2/01 High Mountain Wizard's Tower: Ancient glaciers and other challenges of this tower's unforgiving location deter those who would plunder its magical secrets.
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