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Sample Stats

If you were lucky enough to be at Origins or Gencon, you might have picked up one or more of the free, sample miniatures that were being given away at the Wizards of the Coast booth. (If you were there but missed out on the figures -- sorry, man. What were you there for?) Whether or not you got the figures, we think you might appreciate having a peek at the stats assigned to them. After all, the magic, as they say, is in the numbers.

Orc Archer Lizardfolk Elf Ranger Dwarf Axefighter
Command - - Com 2 -
Faction CE Any CG LG
Cost 8 5 21 12
Level 2 2 2 3
Speed 6 6 6 4
Armor Class 13 17 16 19
Hit Points 10 10 15 30
Melee Attack +5 +2 +3/+3 +7
Melee Damage 5 5 5 10
Range Attack +3 - +5 -
Range Damage 5 - 5 -
Type Humanoid (orc) Humanoid (reptilian) Humanoid (elf) Humanoid (dwarf)
Commander Effect - - +1 Ranged Attack -
Special - - - Cleave, Save +4

See photos of the upcoming miniatures in our special preview gallery!
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