D&D Miniatures Tournaments12/25/2003

Miniatures Tournaments
2004 Season

2004 Championship Series

Seize your destiny in the 2004 D&D Miniatures Championship Series. Top finishers at Qualifier events are invited to play in the 2004 Championship at Gen Con Indy. Rally your troops, build your warband, and claim the spoils of battle.
Archfiends Release Tournaments

April 3, 2004, answer the call to battle and celebrate the D&D Miniatures Archfiends release with the RPGA. Whether you battle for good or evil, law or chaos, bring out your 200-point, constructed warband and join us at release tournaments in select locations for a day of Quickstrike skirmishes and prizes.
D&D Miniatures Tournament Rules
D&D Miniatures sanctioned play uses the following rules. The rules linked below apply to all players, spectators, and tournament officials involved with D&D Miniatures leagues, tournaments, and championships.
Retailer Kits

Whether you skirmish once a week or once a month, D&D Campaigns retailer kits put game power in the palm of your hand. Each month we release a new kit packed with event posters, skirmish formats, sanctioning instructions, prizes, and more.
Championship Series
05/01 Atlantic Heights, NJ
05/08 Shawnee Mission, KS
05/23 Germantown, WI
05/30 Burlingame, CA
06/05 Gainesvill, FL
06/05 Chicago, IL
06/12 Costa Mesa, CA
06/13 West Valley City, UT
06/19 Milford, MA
06/26 Clumbus, OH
Championship Tournament
Gen Con Indy
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Chainmail Stat Cards
Use your Chainmail figures in D&D Miniatures skirmishes
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