D&D Miniatures Tournaments07/30/2009

D&D Miniatures 2009 Constructed Championship
at GenCon Indy

Since 2004, D&D Miniatures skirmish enthusiasts worldwide have gathered yearly in Indianapolis, Indiana to test their skills in metagame analysis, warband construction, and tactical play. Hosted by the DDM Guild, the 2009 Constructed Championship will be held once again at Gen Con Indy, starting on August 14, 2009. This year's championship offers skirmishers the traditional challenges associated with 200-point Constructed Assault play -- with a few interesting twists thrown in.

Download the 2009 Constructed Championship Fact Sheet for complete details!

Open to All

Unlike previous years, the 2009 Constructed Championship will be a Grand Prix-style event that is open to all players. Stage I of the championship will be held on Friday, August 14, beginning at 9 a.m. All players must register warbands before the start of Stage I. Currently, Stage I is planned for three rounds of play. The number of rounds may change, based on attendance, and top players (also based on attendance) will move on to Stage II of the tournament, which begins on Saturday, August 15, at 9 a.m.

In addition, a number of qualified players have been awarded byes through Stage I of the tournament and will begin play in Stage II. Byes have been awarded to Constructed Championship Qualifier winners and runners-up, the top 40 DCI-ranked players in both the Standard and Vintage format, and both the 2008 Constructed Champion and 2009 Limited Champion. Here's the final list of qualified players.

The top eight players after the Swiss rounds will enter Stage III -- a single-elimination playoff bracket beginning on Sunday, April 16 at 9 a.m.

Challenging Format

As mentioned, the 2009 Constructed Championship will use the Constructed format and Assault scenario. Refer to the current Tournament Competitive Floor Rules and Battle Rules for complete information. In addition to the standard rules for 200-point Constructed Assault play, the championship challenges players with two additional requirements:

  • 3-copy limit: Only tournament-legal figures may be used, and warbands may not include more than 3 of any given figure. The limit applies only to figures listed on a warband registration sheet and does not apply to figures acquired during play through special powers (cf. Terror Wight, Horde Zombie). Of course, players are responsible for having the correct figures in order to use such powers.
  • Map rotation: The following map rotation will be used for Stages I and II of the tournament:
    • Rounds 1 & 4: Temple of the Unseeing
    • Rounds 2 & 5: Fallen Fortress
    • Rounds 3 & 6: Warband Map

Both the Temple of the Unseeing and Fallen Fortress maps will be provided at the event. Players must bring to the event a third map that is assigned to their warband. The following maps may be assigned: Broken Demongate, Dragon Shrine, Magma Keep, Fane of Lolth, The King's Road, or Dwarven Outpost.

The map for Stage II of the tournament will be announced and displayed on Saturday, August 15.

Fabulous Prizes!

The 2009 Constructed Champion will win an exclusive hand-painted trophy miniature, as well as Wizards of the Coast D&D Miniatures product and DDM Guild donation premiums. Finally, as is tradition, the champion will enjoy the opportunity to work with DDM Guild designers to create official skirmish stats for a figure released in a future set of D&D Miniatures.

Again following tradition, the top eight players also will be rewarded for their hard work. The second through fourth place players will win an exclusive hand-painted trophy miniature, as well as Wizards of the Coast D&D Miniatures product and DDM Guild donation premiums. Finally, the fifth through eighth place players will be awarded Wizards of the Coast D&D Miniatures product and DDM Guild donation premiums.

The gauntlet has been thrown! Test your battle skills at Gen Con Indy! While you're enjoying the con, check out all the great D&D Miniatures Game events hosted by the DDM Guild. Contact the DDM Guild with questions and discuss this article on our forum.

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