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Team DDM Scenario
New Format Playtest

Dare you enter the Caves of Chaos and defeat your foe’s troops while the rest of your fellow Champions force their way deeper into the Frostfell Rift and face the final forces at the desolate Hailstorm Keep? Only the mighty and brave will win the day in this straggle for the frozen northlands.

On Friday February 29th 2008 at D&D Experience we will be running a special community play-test of a new Team DDM format. This format will conform to the following rules but is a format that can have team size ranges from 2 – 4. Right now we believe the optimal team size is 3. The format combines elements of D&D storyline with the skirmish play of DDM. We envision this could be used as a climatic scene in someone’s campaign with players and DMs battling for victory that may affect the future of their campaign. This is something that may also later have online components in a much larger world setting where factions vie for control. Please take special note that this is just a play-test and format under development. This may or may not ever be part of future DCI formats for the D&D Miniatures game.

The Scenario:

In this scenario, teams of 2 or more players each are pitted against each other. These rules are written for teams of 3. Teams are paired against other teams, and then decide among themselves the pairing of individual players (see Setup, below). The team that wins the majority of the 1-on-1 games also wins that match.

The 1-on-1 games take place on different maps, each with its own objective. Maps and objectives are declared at the start of the tournament. The games take place concurrently, and for any given round, initiative is rolled by all players at the same time. Thus, no one game can advance a round until all the team games are ready to advance to that round.


Each team will receive six sealed boosters, from which they will construct three warbands (one for each player on the team). All teams must use the same booster mix. Example: If the boosters are 3 Dungeons of Dread and 3 Desert of Desolation Booster Packs then all teams must build with 3 Dungeons of Dread and 3 Desert of Desolation Booster Packs. Once warbands have been created and assigned to players, teams may not alter their warbands or trade them amongst teammates.


At least one map (for the King of the Hill scenario) must include at least one shared victory area or location. Specific scenarios for each map should be determined ahead of time.

Maps to be used:
Match 1: Hailstorm Keep
Match 2: Frostfell Rift
Match 3: Caves of Chaos


Battle takes place on three maps simultaneously. All warbands of each team are revealed, then Initiative is rolled by each team captain. The team that won initiative can either choose to seat one of its players at one of the maps, or can defer the choice to the opposing team.

Once a member of one of the teams sits at one of the three maps, the opposing team fields an opponent for that player, and then seats another of its players on a different map. The teams alternate in such a fashion until all players are seated.

Play sequence:

Once all players are seated, the normal play sequence for DDM games is followed, starting with setup initiative and moving on from there.

The only exception to the general rule is that Initiative for any given round is not rolled until all players have completed the previous round (or until all players are set up, in the case of Round 1).


Each game follows standard DDM assault rules, but each individual map contains its own objective. At the end of each round, a player that has claimed his map’s objective gives a boost to the warbands of his team.

  • King of the Hill: if a player on this scenario occupies an uncontested shared victory area at the end of a round, then all warbands on that player’s team gain +2 to attack on for the following round. (it is possible for both players to grant this boon.)
  • Carnage: The player that earned the most victory points from kills each round grants his team’s warbands +5 damage with Melee attacks for the following round.
  • Fortify: The player with the most creatures in his own victory areas at the end of each round grants his team’s warbands +2 AC and Defense for the following round.

Once a player wins his match, the other warbands of his team continue to benefit from his objective bonus for the rest of the match (as if he continued to win that objective for each subsequent round).

Objectives for each match will rotate each tournament round.

Round 1: King of the Hill – Hailstorm Keep; Carnage – Frostfell Rift; Fortify – Caves of Chaos
Round 2: King of the Hill – Caves of Chaos; Carnage – Hailstorm Keep; Fortify – Frostfell Rift
Round 3: King of the Hill – Frostfell Rift; Carnage – Caves of Chaos; Fortify – Hailstorm Keep
Round 4+: Repeat the above starting with Round 1.


Teams score 1 point for each victory in a match. Example: If a 3-player team won 2 of the 3 matches, then that team scores two points, while the opposing team would score 1 point.

Two Teams:

If only two teams compete, then the teams play each other until one team has accrued six points.

Two Player Teams:

If teams are only two players then drop the third map and use only two objectives per round. All matches must use the same objectives on the same maps each tournament round. Example: King of the Hill – Hailstorm Keep; Carnage – Frostfell Rift then all matches must use King of the Hill – Hailstorm Keep; Carnage – Frostfell Rift for that tournament round. Objectives can change each round and may cycle in the third objective in round 2 and drop one from round 1.

Four Player Teams:

In the case of four player teams double up one of the maps and objectives.

More Teams:

With enough teams, the teams would be seeded by team, and play a round-robin format.

Number of Rounds:

For determining number of rounds treat each team as a single person and calculate by entries as per standard DCI rules for number of rounds. Example: 10 teams = a 10 person tournament for determining Swiss rounds. Add one round if running a straight Swiss tournament. If you only have four teams then run the tournament as a Round Robin where each team gets to play each other.

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