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Vintage and Standard Tournament Formats
Information, Schedule and FAQ

Starting on April 15th, 2008, the DCI adds a new format to Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Game tournament play.

The new format, known as the Standard format, creates a more dynamic metagame and gives newer players better access to tournament game play. The Standard format uses all miniatures from the two most recent calendar years, plus the All-Star set of miniatures selected from earlier sets.

The current format, allowing miniatures from any expansion that has received its official update, remains a significant part of tournament play and will now be called Vintage.

Both the Standard and Vintage formats will use the new D&D Miniatures rules published on the Wizards of the Coast website in January 2008 (and available for purchase with the D&D Miniatures Starter Game in April 2008), and the updated stat cards for each expansion after they become available (see schedule below). Only models with updated stat cards published by Wizards of the Coast are legal in sanctioned play.

When the Standard format debuts in April, it will include the updated miniatures for Unhallowed and Desert of Desolation, as well as the newly published Dungeon of Dread. Miniatures from Night Below will be added to the Standard format on June 1; see the schedule below for the rest of the 2008 Standard rotation schedule.

The Standard format will be used for all 2008 qualifier tournaments leading up to the D&D Miniatures Standard Championship at Gen Con Indy 2008.

Players with large collections can continue to use their miniatures in Vintage tournaments—an important part of DDM organized play. The Vintage format includes championship-level events, with the first Vintage championship taking place at D&D Experience in 2009. More details on Vintage events will be announced as they become available.

In addition to supporting Vintage tournaments, Wizards of the Coast is committed to the promise that “you can bring your plastic with you” into the next edition of the Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Game by announcing that all sets will be updated to the new version of the D&D Miniatures rules. The schedule for these updates will be announced shortly.

Standard Rotation Schedule for 2008

  • April 15: Standard format debuts with Unhallowed, Desert of Desolation, and Dungeons of Dread.
  • June 1: Night Below rotates into Standard (using updated stats published online in May).
  • July 4: Against the Giants rotates into Standard.
  • August 1: All-Star set rotates into Standard (using updated stats published online in July).
  • November 7: Demonweb rotates into Standard.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can I still use my old miniatures?

A. Absolutely. Sanctioned tournament play for the Vintage format will occur year-round. In addition, each local community play group, regardless of their interest in tournament-level play, is free to choose the format that offers them the most enjoyment. And, of course, all miniatures can be used with the 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game releasing in June 2008.

Q. Does this affect the announced plans to update existing miniatures sets to the new rules?

A. No. Updates to existing miniatures sets will occur as announced. Note that the exact update schedule for earlier sets will be announced shortly.

Q. How does this affect event sanctioning?

A. The Standard/Vintage format distinction will be required on sanctioning and reporting documentation starting in March 2009. The full details on D&D Miniatures Standard and Vintage tournament format rules will be found in the DCI Universal Tournament Rules and D&D Miniatures Floor Rules update on March 14th 2008, effective April 15th 2008. These documents can be found in the DCI Document Center.

Q. What minis are legal in Vintage but not in Standard?

A. Until updated statistics are published online for Sets 11 and earlier, the two formats will have the same list of legal miniatures. Wizards of the Coast will soon announce the publication schedule of updated stats for older sets, at which time we’ll also announce when those sets will enter the Vintage format.

Q. How do you define a block for Standard play?

A. In the Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Game, a block is defined as all of the sets that release in the same calendar year. For example, Unhallowed, Night Below, and Desert of Desolation comprise the 2007 block.

Q. When do blocks rotate out of the Standard format?

A. When the first set of a new year’s block is released, the block from two years earlier rotates out of the Standard format. For example, when Set 18 is published in March 2009, the 2007 block (Unhallowed, Night Below, and Desert of Desolation) will rotate out of the Standard format. This rotation keeps the play environment from becoming stagnant and makes it easier for new players to get involved in tournaments.

Q. Will the All-Star set be updated after later sets rotate out of Standard?

A. Yes. We want the All-Star set to reflect an exciting cross-section of older miniatures, and we’ll work with the D&D Miniatures players each year to determine what changes are appropriate for the set.

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