D&D Miniatures Tournaments03/15/2007

Two Chances for Champs
2007 D&D Miniatures Championships

Two Championships are better then one. Take up the challenge on either side of the pond with the 2007 D&D Miniatures Constructed Championship qualifiers in the US and Canada, or the 2007 UK Nationals.

2007 D&D Miniatures Constructed Championship qualifier tournaments will be held in thirty locations across the United States and Canada in April through June of 2007. These qualifier tournaments lead up to the final championship event held at Gen Con Indy, August 18-19, with lots of great prizes and prestige to be had. View the Qualifier Tournaments fact sheet for all the details.

Be the best on the Isles, then take it to the continent and the world. The 2007 UK Nationals tournament is a national level event featuring prizes, DCI points towards World Championships and byes at the 2007 European D&D Miniatures Championships. Everything you need to know to join the fun is available on the 2007 UK Nationals fact sheet.

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