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Unhallowed Prerelease Europe
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Over 50 new Unhallowed prerelease tournament venues have been added across Europe. Events are now running in Belarus, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, the Russian Federation, Sweden, and Ukraine from March 3rd to March 11th. Be sure to read the Unhallowed Prerelease fact sheet to learn about the tournament format. Entry fees and prizes may be different at these expanded tournaments then listed on the fact sheet, so be sure to check with organizer running the event in your area for details.

European Venues

Date Country City Venue
March 03 Denmark Aalborg Dragons Lair Ålborg
Kennedys Plads 1F
March 03 Belgium Aarschot Conect'r
Gasthuisstraat 47
March 03 Italy Ancona La Fumetteria
Via Matteotti 87
March 03 Belgium Antwerp Outpost antwerp
Beggaardenstraat 6
March 03 Denmark Århus Dragons Lair Århus
Sct. Knuds Torv 3
March 03 Italy Bologna Goblin Bologna
Via C. Battisti 3/a
March 03 Italy Correggio (RE) Dungeons & Comics
Via Tondelli 2/Z
March 03 Netherlands Den Bosch Gameforce Den Bosch
Vughterstraat 60
March 10 Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk Dnepropetrovsk
Karla Marksa 46 blok 6
March 03 Italy Forlì Magic Store
Gramsci n.57
March 03 Sweden Göteborg Science Fiction Bokhandeln
Ö Larmg 16
March 03 Italy Guastalla Fantasy zone
P. Matteotti 3/a
March 03 Finland Helsinki Fantasiapelit
Vilhonkatu 4
March 03 Sweden Karlstad Karlstad Games
Kungsgatan 6
March 11 Ukraine Kiev Avatar
30, Belorusskaya St.
March 03 Denmark København Faraos
Skindergade 27
March 10 Russian Federation Krasnoyarsk Friends Faces
Svobodnii 26
March 03 Norway Kristiansand Outland Kristiansand
Markensgate 24
March 04 Sweden Kristianstad Spel på Vallgatan
Ö. Vallgatan 2
March 04 Italy Latina Quinto Elemento
Via Cisterna 15
March 03 Czech Republic Liberec Jotunheim
Prazska 10
March 04 Sweden Lund Spel på Clemenstorget
Clemenstorget 6
March 03 Sweden Malmö Spel på Djäknegatan
Djäknegatan 2A
March 03 Italy Mi La Piramide Games
V.le Romagna,50
March 03 Italy Milano Defcon Zero
Via Paisiello 13
March 10 Belarus Minsk Valhalla
Park Gorkogo
March 11 Belarus Minsk Valhalla
Park Gorkogo
March 10 Russian Federation Moscow Griffon
Rabochaya st 23
March 10 Russian Federation Moscow Portal-2
Serpukhovskoy val 18/30
March 11 Russian Federation Moscow Griffon
Rabochaya st 24
March 11 Russian Federation Moscow Portal-2
Serpukhovskoy val 18/30
March 11 Russian Federation Nizhny Novgorod Club "Citadel"
Gagarina ave, 110
March 03 Italy Parma Twenty Five Edition
Via Monte Aquila, 14
March 03 Italy Pe Avalon Samarcanda
Via Pisa 47
March 04 Czech Republic Praha Cerný rytír
Za poricskou branou 21
March 03 Denmark Roskilde Fanatic
Allehelgensgade 15
March 04 Italy S.Giorgio a Cremano (NA) Bai-Ji Store Fumetteria
Via Buongiovanni n°7/9
March 03 Sweden Stockholm Science Fiction Bokhandeln
Västerlånggatan 48
March 04 Sweden Stockholm Dragons Lair
Kungsholmstog 8
March 04 Italy Teramo Il Reame Perduto
Via G. Milli, 62
March 03 Italy To Cge Torino
C. So ferrucci
March 10 Russian Federation Togliatti Skupoi Kraken
Frunze 35
March 03 Italy Treviso Ten Thirteen C/o Hobbit Treviso
Via Corti Comunale, 54
March 03 Italy Trieste Fantasylandia
Corso Italia 6/l
March 03 Norway Trondheim Gotham
Konges Gate 23
March 10 Russian Federation Tver Vavilon
Zhelyabova, 33
March 10 Russian Federation Tyumen Maze Of Worlds
Geologorazvedchikov, 6A
March 10 Russian Federation Ukhta Ukhta
Neftyanikov 18
March 03 Sweden Umeå Collectors Point
V Esplanaden 8
March 03 Netherlands Utrecht Elf Fantasy
Oudegracht 207 W
March 04 Netherlands Utrecht Subcultures
Oude Gracht 194 (werfkelder)
March 03 Italy Viterbo Black Lotus
Via S. agostino 5/7
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