D&D Miniatures
Wretched Tournament Format
D&D Miniatures
by Ian Richards

How satisfying is it to beat your opponent with the most wretched warband they can design? Here are our rules for construction and play for the very first Wretched tournament at D&D Experience 2007.

Game play:

  • You build a 100- or 200-point warband (depending on tournament build limit) and select a map for use with it.
  • Once paired and seated you hand this to your opponent to play against you and visa versa.
  • Map choice and set-up proceeds as normal.

Special Build Rules:

  • Update 01/12: If you use an Arcane Ballista, you must include a spellcaster for each Arcane Ballista in your warband.
  • No more than two of any model can be used. Example: No more than two Kobold Miners can be included though adding two Kobold Warriors would be legal.
  • Each warband must contain a commander.
  • Each warband much have a build of at least 98 (100-point build) or 198 points (200-point build) and no more than the maximum build points.
  • Warbands must contain at least four and no more than eight miniatures. Minions and summoned creatures do not count towards either limit as per standard rules.
  • You must supply all minions and summoned creatures for use with creatures that can summon or bring minions. These must be within 1 point of the total but not exceed the total. Example: Grim Necromancer, summon undead III (up to 2 undead with total cost 20 or less). In this example you must provide one or two undead that have a total cost of 19 points or 20 points. In the case of specified totals then the card takes precedence.
  • Minions and summoned creatures do not count towards your points build total as per the normal rules.

Only miniatures contained in Aberrations to Blood War sets are legal.

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