D&D Miniatures Tournaments07/20/2006

Constructed Championship Trophies
2006 D&D Miniatures Championship Series

Skirmishers attending Gen Con Indy this August for the 2006 D&D Miniatures Championship Series will meet in battle for a horde of prizes including some dazzling trophies. Get your first peek at this year's Constructed Championship trophies below. If you play to win, you better bring and extra suitcase.

Armed only with pigment and sculpting putty, Peter Lee worked his magic once again to produce the biggest and baddest trophies yet. The top four finishers in the D&D Miniatures Constructed Championship receive beautifully painted and modified D&D figures. Each trophy comes equipped with a stat card and all the prestige due a champion. The final qualifying events for Championship series occur at Gen Con Indy, so there is still time to join the action.

Even if you can't play in the championship tournament, don't miss out on the horde of other miniatures play throughout all weekend. Discover more about the 2006 Constructed D&D Miniatures Championship from the fact sheet.

Third Place Tundra Scout 1. Third Place Tundra Scout 2.
3rd Place 3rd Place
Second Place Black Dragon. First Place Red Dragon.
2nd Place 1st Place
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