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Constructed Invitations and Fact Sheet
2006 D&D Miniatures Championships

Held at Gen Con Indy 2006 in Indianapolis, IN, with exclusive prizes for all participants, and offering an opportunity for the winner to work with the Wizards of the Coast R&D department to develop a D&D miniature of their choosing!

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Tournament Date and Location

Friday, August 11th, 2006
Registration: 9:00 a.m. (Tournament start at 10:00 a.m.)

Gen Con Indy Miniatures Hall
Indiana Convention Center
100 South Capitol Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 56225

Tournament Structure

Modified Swiss-style, with top 8 playing in single elimination finals to determine the Champion. Top 8 will be played on Sunday, August 13th in the Miniatures Hall, starting at 10:00 a.m.

Tournament Format

D&D Miniatures Constructed with 200-point warbands. Assault format. No terrain tiles will be used; players will use customized battle maps each round.

Swiss Rounds:
Round 1: Forest Cliff Lair
Round 2: Dragon Shrine
Round 3: Teleport Temple
Round 4: Forest Cliff Lair
Round 5: Dragon Shrine
Round 6: Teleport Temple
Round 7: Forest Cliff Lair

Top eight: TBA

Tournaments will be run according to 2005-2006 DCI Universal Tournament Rules, DCI Penalty Guidelines, and all DCI rules pertaining to D&D Miniatures Constructed tournament rules, including all updates and are available for the DCI document center.

Rounds will have 60-minute time limits.

Invitations, Eligibility, and Prize Schedule

Entry into the event is by invitation only. The invitation list is compiled by the following criteria:

  • Returning 2005 D&D Miniatures Championship winner
  • Top 4 finishers from each D&D Miniatures 2006 Championship Series Qualifier
  • Top 8 finishers in the D&D Miniatures Championship Series Open (details below)
  • Top 25 D&D Miniatures worldwide DCI rated players not currently invited, announced six weeks before the Championship


First place

  • Opportunity to work with the Wizards of the Coast R&D department to develop a D&D miniature of their choosing, for inclusion within a future set of D&D Miniatures.
  • Exclusive hand-painted miniature available only at the Championship
  • D&D Miniatures product
  • D&D art print

Second-Fourth places

  • Exclusive hand-painted miniature available only at the Championship
  • D&D Miniatures product

Fifth-Eigth places

  • D&D Miniatures product

D&D Miniatures Championship Open

On Thursday August 10th at Gen Con Indy, Wizards of the Coast will host the final chance for you to win an invitation to the Championship: the D&D Miniatures Championship Series Open.

Thursday August 10th, 2006
Registration: 9:00 a.m. (Tournament start at 10:00 a.m.)

Gen Con Indy Miniatures Hall
Indiana Convention Center
100 South Capitol Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 56225

This 200- point Constructed, Assault format tournament is open to all players who do not hold an invitation to the Championship, and will offer invitations to the top 8 finishers to the D&D Miniatures Championship the next day.

More Information

Players who have general questions about the D&D Miniatures game, Wizards of the Coast, Inc., or the DCI players’ organization, should call Wizards of the Coast at (800) 324-6496, or send email to custserv@wizards.com.

Name Origin Ranking Date
1201664662, Unknown Ypsilanti 3 N/A
Ackerman, Chad Syracuse 3 N/A
Adkins, Don R. Colorado Springs 4 N/A
Ansaldo, Jim Richmond 4 N/A
Au, Shiu-Yik Toronto 4 N/A
Banitt Moore, Devin Minneapolis 3 N/A
Belanger, Simon N/A 19 1801
Bellante, Keith Twin Falls 1 N/A
Benjovsky, Kevin Mesa 3 N/A
Benner, Chad S. Milford 1 N/A
Bernal, Juan N/A 22 1797
Boronat, Ricardo Niles 4 N/A
Bosch, Mathieu R. Garland 3 N/A
Bruno, Jared Northfield 2 N/A
Brusilow, Rafael Toronto 2 N/A
Burr, Dan D. Ypsilanti 2 N/A
Carini, Cesare Birmingham 1 N/A
Charron Carrier, Maxime Montreal 3 N/A
Chauvin, Terry Syracuse 2 N/A
Chin, Elliott Santa Clara 4 N/A
Clasen, Michael V. Colorado Springs 1 N/A
Cleaver, Eric E. West Valley City 1 N/A
Clesi, James N/A 10 1833
Clesi, James M. Garland 2 N/A
Cleveland, Kevin Santa Clara 3 N/A
Cleveland, Kevin N/A 21 1798
Comey, Vince Edmonton 4 N/A
Cook, Jim Garland 1 N/A
Corbett, John E. Minneapolis 4 N/A
Coyle, Pat N/A 17 1802
Dartez, Joshua P. Pittsburg 2 N/A
Dean, Jesse N/A 11 1827
Dean, Jesse J. Buford 3 N/A
Delisle, Francis Toronto 3 N/A
Delisle, Francis N/A 3 1892
Delorme, Frederic J. Montreal 2 N/A
Dennis, Manuel N/A 4 1874
Dennison, Dakota Ypsilanti 4 N/A
Derry, Michael N/A 15 1805
Dodich, Terry Pittsburg 1 N/A
Dougan, Mike N/A 25 1792
Estill, George Richmond 1 N/A
Fanjoy, John W. Glen Burnie 4 N/A
Frey, Tino Birmingham 3 N/A
Frick, Konor Glen Burnie 3 N/A
Garant-rousseau, Guillaume Montreal 1 N/A
Gortner, Justin N/A 18 1802
Grasshoff, Paul Mesa 2 N/A
Hagan, Stephen Richmond 3 N/A
Haines, Richard N/A 5 1871
Hanberry, Patrick Glen Burnie 2 N/A
Hatch, Robert Mesa 1 N/A
Hatch, Robert West Valley City 2 N/A
Helzer, Herb Pittsburg 4 N/A
Hidalgo, Huberth N/A 8 1840
Huizinga, Mark A. Toronto 1 N/A
Koch, Daniel B. Glen Burnie 1 N/A
lamoureux, Dean j. Edmonton 3 N/A
Langboin, Patrice Montreal 4 N/A
Leiser, Bud Buford 4 N/A
Leiser, Bud Clermont 1 N/A
Lindeman, Shayne Buford 2 N/A
Lioi, Jason 2005 Constructed Champion 1 N/A
Livak, Tom M. Milford 3 N/A
Lujan, Jacob N/A 9 1840
Lujan, Jacob G. Colorado Springs 2 N/A
Lujan, Jacob G. West Valley City 3 N/A
Lynch, Patrick N/A 2 2011
Lynch, Patrick T. Milford 2 N/A
Mackey, Brian N/A 1 2037
Marcum, Tim N/A 7 1845
Mattaboni, James Syracuse 1 N/A
McAlexander, Rusty L. Twin Falls 4 N/A
McAllister, Terry D. Edmonton 2 N/A
McAllister, Terry D. Twin Falls 2 N/A
Mckinney, Jim Richmond 2 N/A
Mclean, Jesse A. Mt. Vernon 4 N/A
McLearan, Amelia N/A 6 1871
McLellan, Neil S. Clermont 2 N/A
Mcmanus, Daniel Northfield 4 N/A
Molter, Joshua Minneapolis 2 N/A
Moretto, Marco Birmingham 2 N/A
Myrin, Sven N/A 25 1792
Noble, Matt J. Pittsburg 3 N/A
Norden, Ken Edmonton 1 N/A
Page, Timothy Clermont 4 N/A
Paul, David J. Niles 1 N/A
Petemande, Jospeh Mt. Vernon 3 N/A
Quiazon, Joseph C. Mt. Vernon 1 N/A
Range, Nick Ypsilanti 1 N/A
Redding, Thomas P Syracuse 4 N/A
Reeves, Mark Colorado Springs 3 N/A
Rogers, Jonathon A. Buford 1 N/A
Schneider, Scott Santa Clara 1 N/A
Schroder, Charles Northfield 3 N/A
Scott, David Birmingham 4 N/A
Scott, Peter N/A 25 1792
Sefchek, John N/A 13 1813
Shugg, Brad Niles 3 N/A
Siadak, John A. Niles 2 N/A
Smith, Michael Clermont 3 N/A
Sparke, Christopher M. Milford 4 N/A
Stupack, Darien Santa Clara 2 N/A
Stupack, Dwayne G. Mesa 4 N/A
Tatroe, Keith N/A 20 1801
Tatroe, Kevin West Valley City 4 N/A
Thompson, Karl N/A 24 1793
Thomson, Daniel R. Mt. Vernon 2 N/A
Toomey, Delano j. Minneapolis 1 N/A
Trujillo, Juan Jose Romero N/A 23 1796
Usher, Shawnn N/A 12 1814
Wilson, Tim R. Twin Falls 3 N/A
Wood, Matthew C. Garland 4 N/A
Woolley, Warren N/A 14 1811
Zapata, Carlos Augusto Zuleta N/A 16 1804
Zink, John S. Northfield 1 N/A
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