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War of the Dragon Queen UK Prerelease
D&D Miniatures

Tower over your opponents July 1st and 2nd with the D&D Miniatures War of the Dragon Queen prerelease tournament. Whether you battle for good or evil, law or chaos, prepare to build your warband for a day of skirmishes and prizes. Space is limited per location, so grab your friends and sign up today.

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Participation in this event requires DCI membership. If you are not a DCI member, don’t worry, membership is free and you can become a member at the tournament. Visit the DCI Welcome page if you want to learn more about the DCI.

View the North American fact sheet and venue list.

Event Date:

July 1st and 2nd, 2006

Entry Fee:

Local event organizers are recommended up to a £5 tournament fee above the full retail cost of product per player (2 Booster Packs).

Tournament Structure:

Modified Swiss, with a cut to top four to determine an overall winner if you have enough time. If your event is over thirty two players then cut to a final eight instead.

Tournament Format: D&D Miniatures sealed (limited) format with 500-point Epic warbands using the Assault scenario rules. Warbands are built from two War of the Dragon Queen Booster Packs. No faction rules apply as per sealed rules. Epic maps only.

Assault Scenario

You must assault enemy territory and manoeuvre to keep your opponent’s warband out of your territory.

Victory: Victory goes to the first player to score victory points equal to the warband limit: 500 points in a 500-point game. There are two ways to score victory points.

  • Eliminating enemy creatures: As in the standard scenario, you score victory points equal to the cost of each eliminated model.
  • Occupying at least one tile in the enemy’s half of the board: At the end of each round of a 500-point game, if a player has one or more models in their victory area, that player is awarded 25 victory points. Each player can earn up to 25 victory points each round in this way, but never more than 25 in one round. A model that takes up multiple squares is considered to be in a victory area if any part of the model is within the area.

Rounds will be a maximum length of 60 minutes.

The tournament will be run according to the latest DCI Universal Tournament Rules, DCI Penalty Guidelines, and all DCI rules pertaining to D&D Miniatures sealed (limited) tournament rules and Assault scenario rules, including all updates.

Prize Schedule:

1st Place gets 2 War of the Dragon Queen Booster Packs
2nd Place gets 1 War of the Dragon Queen Booster Pack
3rd Place get 1 War of the Dragon Queen Booster Pack


Players who have general questions about the D&D Miniatures game, Wizards of the Coast, Inc. , or the DCI player’s organization, should contact Wizards of the Coast on 08457 12 55 99 or email wizards@hasbro.co.uk.

July 1st Event Locations

Country City Venue Event Contact
United Kingdom Coventry Bishop
8 City Arcade
02476 634 999
United Kingdom Luton Final Fantasy
45 New Bedford Road
01582 729001
United Kingdom Yeovil Witch Engine
7 southwestern Terrace
07776 415986
United Kingdom Area 51

0117 9244655
United Kingdom Fan Boy Three

0161 2477735

July 2nd Event Locations

Country City Venue Event Contact
United Kingdom Belfast Magicmon
102 Cambrai Street
02890 320900
United Kingdom Callington GMS
16 Church st
01579 384837
United Kingdom Dundee, Higlander Games
98 Annfield Road
01382 666315
United Kingdom Southampton Hidden Fortress
51 East Street
023 80710 550
United Kingdom Eclectic Games

0118 9598250
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