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Constructed Championships Map Poll
2006 D&D Miniatures Championships
Ian Richards -- D&D Miniatures Program Manager

The 2005 D&D Miniatures Championships at Gen Con Indy featured a single map for participants. By releasing the map a few scant weeks prior to the finals, players were challenged not only to focus on their warband composition but also to refine their battlefield strategies and leverage even the slightest tactical advantage against their opponents.

For the 2006 D&D Miniatures Chamionships we continue to build on this challenge. We are introducing several maps for the finals. Each player must marshal their troops and choose them wisely to cope with changing opponents and an evolving battlefield. Once again we will only announce the final map selection a few weeks prior to the finals.

Despite the cloud of mystery hanging over the final announcement, we want you to help us shape this year’s challenge. We want you to choose your top three maps from the following list for our consideration. We guarantee that the top voted map will be used as one of those included in the final selection for the championship finals. We will also reveal the vote outcome a few weeks prior to the finals when we announce the maps to be used.

Help us challenge the best D&D Miniatures warlords by taking our poll today!

The poll is now closed. Results will be posted we near Gen Con Indy.

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