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Battle of the Veterans!
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Winter Fantasy logo.Hyatt Regency Crystal City
2799 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington, VA 22202
February 23 - 26, 2006

Join the Action!

Many have asked exactly what vintage product we will be using for the Vintage tournament at Winter Fantasy 2006.

Well here's the good news!

The build will be:
One Harbinger Booster Pack
One Archfiend Booster Pack

From that contestants will build a 100-point Limited warband.

The format is Quickstrike to truly take us back to our roots.
Quickstrike: A player wins when they eliminate enemies whose total cost is equal to 70% of the total allowed warband cost, 70 points in a 100-point game, or when his or her opponent is reduced to one creature on the battlefield.

End-of-Match Procedure
A match ends when:

  • a player meets the scenario’s victory condition,
  • no creature takes damage and no player makes an attack roll or saving throw for 10 complete game rounds, or
  • the tournament round time runs out. If the tournament round time runs out during a game round, play continues until a player meets the scenario’s victory condition, or the end of that game round (whichever happens first).

Victory conditions are checked at the end of each creature’s activation, as well as at the end of each round.

Maps are used but victory areas are ignored. Start and exit areas are as printed so you don't need to bring those old maps and tiles!

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