D&D Miniatures Tournaments11/10/2005

2005 Limited Championship Trophies
Championship Series

Skirmishers attending Gen Con So Cal this November for the 2005 D&D Miniatures Limited Championship will meet in battle for a horde of prizes including A chance to develop a battlemap with Wizards R&D, D&D Miniatures Booster Packs, and some dazzling trophies. Get your first peek at the 2005 Limited Champaionship trophies below. The final qualifying events for Championship series occur at Gen Con So Cal, so there is still time to join the action.

The 1st, 2nd, and two 3rd place finishers in the championship receive beautifully painted and modified D&D figures mounted on inscribed trophy bases. The trophy bases are removable and the miniatures are legally playable. Each trophy comes equipped with a stat card.

If you can't play in the tournament but will be at the show, there's also a minis league in which participants can win additional figures during play, including custom repaints. Here's your sneak peek at the trophies before the show. To learn more about the 2005 Limited Championship visit the fact sheet.

3rd Place 3rd Place 2nd Place
1st Place
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