D&D Miniatures Tournaments11/03/2005

Magma Keep Battle Map
D&D Miniatures

The Magma Keep battle map was the official battle field for the D&D Miniatures 2005 Limited Championship at Gen Con So Cal. Fueld by the hidden fires of the Underdark, your skirmishes will ignite the battle field. Download your copy today!

The image is 21 inches wide by 30 inches long. Printing the map as a single sheet of paper using a large format printer gives the best result. Large format printers are widely available at print and copy shops. The map can also be downloaded and printed professionally or at home as 8.5x11 sheets and fitted together.

Download the map as a single 21x30 sheet
Download the map as 8.5x11 sheets

Magma Keep image.

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