D&D Miniatures
Intentional Draws
Official Ruling

Lately there has been some controversy after games ended in "intentional draws." We know the community has debated the acceptability of such and want to make clear the rules as they are and any possible changes coming up.

The Universal Tournament Rules (UTR) state that "intentional draws" are legal and can be made at any time. There is a fine line, however, between an intentional draw and a situation involving bribery. The first is an agreement between players that involves no incentive. The second involves incentive and is considered cheating, which we will take strong action to stop.

Right now an intentional draw awards one point to both parties. This will remain so until the end of this season's championships, at which time a change may be implemented after we have looked at all the ramifications of such action. This isn't an easy fix because even small changes can cause as many new problems as they solve. This situation warrants thinking through carefully so that we don't need to make further changes as Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures tournament play grows in popularity.

Any official changes will be posted to the Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures website at least four weeks before they take effect so people can get used to them before they are enforced at tournaments. At the same time, the DCI software will also be updated so that tournament officials can continue to run events effectively.

Please note that we have not changed the way intentional draws are scored or tracked in the software at this time and won't until the above process has been worked through.

Good gaming.

Ian Richards
Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Program Manager
Wizards of the Coast

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