D&D Miniatures Tournaments05/26/2004

Giants of Legend Release Tournament
D&D Miniatures

Giants of Legend Booster Packs.

In June, the earth will tremble under the rhythmic tread of the Giants of Legend. Meet your foe on the field of battle commanding a cadre of huge minions.

June 26, answer the call to battle and celebrate the D&D Miniatures Giants of Legend release with the DCI. Whether you battle for good or evil, law or chaos, bring out your 500-point, constructed warband and join us at release tournaments in select locations for a day of Quickstrike skirmishes and prizes. Every participant receives a punch-out sheet with 187 effect counters, a special terrain tiles and a promotional miniature from Giants for Legend with an alternate paint scheme. The top players also receive trophies and Giants of Legend booster packs. Space is limited to forty participants per location, so grab your friends and sign up today.

As you prepare for battle, here are a few tips to speed you along:

  • Use the Venue Table listed below to find a tournament near you.
  • Contact the tournament organizer and register for the event.
  • Ask the tournament organizer if there is a fee to participate. Registration fees should not exceed $10.00.
  • Read the rules governing sanctioned D&D Miniatures tournament play.
  • Build a warband that will defy your enemies!

Participation in this event requires a DCI membership. If you are not a DCI member, don’t worry. Membership is free and you can become a member at the tournament. If you want to learn more the DCI or the RPGA, click on the appropriate logo and enter a new world of play opportunity.

RPGA logo. DCI logo.

Warband Construction

D&D Miniatures handbook

The details for constructing your warband are covered in the D&D Miniatures DCI Floor Rules and the Miniatures Handbook has lots of helpful information, but here are the basics.

  • The point total of your Constructed warband must not exceed 500 points
  • Each creature in your warband must belong to the same faction. Some creatures belong to multiple factions; you can include them in any of those factions.
  • At no time can a warband exceed twelve creatures, regardless of point cost (except as specified by special abilities such as Minions).

Quickstrike format

A player wins when by scoring victory points equal to 70% of the total allowed warband cost, or when the opponent is reduced to one model on the battle grid.

Venue Table

State City Tournament Location Tournament Organizer
AB Calgary The Sentry Box
1835-10th Ave Sw
(403) 245-2121
Christopher Eng
CA Carmichael Adventures in Comics & Games
6026 Fair Oaks Blvd.
(916) 973-9064
Evram Oliver
CA Vista Pair A Dice Games
2020 Hacienda Dr., Ste. N
Collin Baird
CO Grand Junction Serpent World Games
1460 North Ave #D
Richard Winn
FL Panama City Comic Emporium
2403 HWY 231
(850) 769-2690
Greg Ray
ID Twin Falls Beckmon's Gaming Paradise
1037 Blue Lakes Blvd N
(208) 733-3901
Jon Beckmon
IL Collinsville Dizzy Dugout
121 East Main Street
(618) 345-6453
Michael Castelli
KS Shawnee Mission Table Top Game and Hobby
7797 Quivira Road
Steve Ferrell
MA Somerville Your Move Games
400 Highland Ave, 2nd Floor
(617) 666-5799
Rob Dougherty
MB Winnipeg Pendragon Games & Hobbies
1354 Main St.
(204) 772-5415
John Mansfield
MD Glen Burnie Games & Comics & Stuff
7452 B & A Blvd
(410) 863-7418
Edward Sloman
MI Kalamazoo Fanfare Sports and Entertainment
4415 South Westnedge
Josh Hall
MN St. Louis Park Dreamers Cards and Comics
3008 Texas Ave S
(952) 938-8163
Jason Webster
MO Sedalia Gamer's Pair-A-Dice
230 S. Ohio
(660) 827-4263
Stefani Stovall
MT Billings Splash Page
2545 Central Ave
(406) 652-9444
Scott Phelps
NJ Atlantic Realms of Adventure
2355 Hwy 36 Eastpoint Shpg Plaza
Elliott McCrohan
NY New York Neutral Ground
122 W 26th 4th Floor
(212) 633-1288
Mark Mazella
OH Columbus Origins
Greater Columbus Conventions Ctr, 400 N. High St.

Mike Guptil
PEI Charlottetown Comic Hunter, The
63 Unversity Ave
(902) 566-2926
Ul Karu Bate
TN Dickson Blackthorn Game Center
1430 Highway 70 E
(615) 446-6057
Mark Amoroso
TX Houston Midnight Comics
13711 Westheimer Ste Q Ste 108
(281) 293-0226
John Simons Jr.
UT W. Valley City The Game Den
3601 South 2700 West
(801) 969-0074
Rob Walker
VA Portsmouth Atlantis Comics
6231 Portsmout Blvd
(757) 465-1617
Stephen Matousek
WA Lake Wood The Game Matrix
(253) 583-9708
Jeff Thomas
WI Germantown Virtual Magic's Paintball & Games
N113 W18750 Carnegie Dr
(262) 238-8870
Christopher Tulach

Retailer Kits

If you want to participate in sanctioned D&D Miniatures leagues or tournaments in your area, retailer kits have everything you need to organize your play. Each month we release a new kit which provides you with promotional material, sanctioning forms and instructions, and best of all -- prizes! Here are some links to detailed information about retailer kits.

When hobby stores and players team up, everyone has more fun.

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