D&D Miniatures07/21/2009

Legendary Evils
Preview 4

The Far Realm has been embraced as part of the core cosmology in 4th Edition. This week features four creatures that spawn from that area.

I have a couple of things pinned up on the wall of my cubicle -- a matrix of classes and races, potential miniature ideas, and concept art. One of the first things I pinned up was a printout of the final art for the foulspawn from the first Monster Manual. Every 2009 miniatures set has at least one foulspawn: Dangerous Delves has the common Foulspawn Grue, and in Legendary Evils, you have three -- the large rare Foulspawn Hulk, the medium rare Foulspawn Seer, and the medium rare Foulspawn Mangler.

If that's not a big enough threat for your PCs, here's something a little more Epic -- the Beholder Ultimate Tyrant. At level 29, this visible, huge, solo monster is an epic fight to finish off a campaign. (If you really want to push it, two Beholder Ultimate Tyrants could be a campaign-ending 34th level encounter.)

Finally, we leave the Far Realm for this preview's common miniature, the Scarecrow Stalker. This level 6 soldier is a construct that fills out an encounter for fey controllers such as Howling Hags and Gnome Arcanists. Your players will need to keep of these guys -- if you let your guard down mid-combat, they start restuffing themselves!

Next time … more minis (surprise!).

Foulspawn Seer

Scarecrow Stalker

Foulspawn Mangler

Beholder Ultimate Tyrant

Foulspawn Hulk

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Peter Lee works as a game designer for Wizards of the Coast, where he splits his time between RPG design and leading the design for D&D Miniatures.

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