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Legendary Evils
Preview 3

Is it getting a little chilly in here? Read on and find out! Let's get right into five more miniatures from this August's huge set, Legendary Evils.

To continue with the titan theme, I present the Frost Titan. Because of the recent release of Monster Manual 2, this uncommon visible miniature was a natural choice for the set. It follows quickly on the heels of the Frost Giant figure in Dangerous Delves -- you now have a leader for your army of frost giants! Many of the miniatures in this set were chosen to build encounters with the Frost Titan, such as the 20th level Rimefire Griffon.

Also from the Elemental Chaos is the Chillfire Destroyer. This rare elemental is straight out of the pages of Monster Manual 2. It's a shell of elemental ice containing a fiery inferno within. While this creature can normally survive this combination of elements, as it is damaged in combat the icy shell weakens to release the inferno inside. After enough damage, it slumps over and releases the energy in a ball of flame.

Duergar Guard Duergar Cleric
of Asmodeus

From the Elemental Chaos we go to something a little more devilish. The duergar were introduced to 4th edition in Thunderspire Labyrinth as well as a four-page entry in Monster Manual 2. The Duergar Guard is a common miniature that can act as the rank and file troops for your encounters. Don't forget a leader -- the rare Duergar Cleric of Asmodeus is an excellent choice.

Stay tuned for some monsters from the Far Realm – next week, say hello to the Foulspawn!

Frost Titan

Chillfire Destroyer

Rimefire Griffon

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Peter Lee works as a game designer for Wizards of the Coast, where he splits his time between RPG design and leading the design for D&D Miniatures.

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