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These files contain all the currently-available D&D Miniatures RPG and skirmish stat cards that conform to the revised (post-Dungeons of Dread) rules. Printouts of these cards are legal for use in DCI-sanctioned tournaments unless they are labeled BETA or DRAFT. You still need official, legal miniatures, of course (which includes approved Chainmail figures and certain modified plastic figures). Those allowances and restrictions are covered in the DCI Floor Rules.

You should also visit the DDM Guild site for the latest errata, FAQ, and clarifications.

Downloadable Stat Card Sets (zipped PDF)

Skirmish Cards RPG Cards
A. Starter Set
B. All-Stars
1. Harbinger
2. Dragoneye
3. Archfiends
4. Giants of Legend
5. Aberrations
6. Deathknell
7. Angelfire
8. Underdark
9. War Drums
10. War of the Dragon Queen
11. Blood War
12. Unhallowed
13. Night Below
14. Desert of Desolation
15. Dungeons of Dread Dungeons of Dread
16. Against the Giants Against the Giants
17. Demonweb Demonweb

Downloadable Checklists and Rules Inserts (zipped PDF)

15. Dungeons of Dread
16. Against the Giants
17. Demonweb

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