D&D Miniatures
Legendary Evils
Preview 2
by Peter Lee

Last week you saw two figures for a monster that survives in hidden monasteries deep in the Elemental Chaos. This week features more from that plane -- it's a bit of a theme for the set.

The huge titan that I show today is the Storm Titan. As a controller, we wanted a visual representation of his power over the weather, so in his miniature form he stands surrounded by dark storm clouds, ready to hurl a thunderbolt at his foes. All the huge miniatures are also the visible figures for this set, so each case of miniatures has one of these figures in it.

The rare Talon Slaad and the common Slaad Spawn minion (from Monster Manual 2) were designed together to add some new options for big slaad encounters. There's a template in Monster Manual 2 that adds the "Slaad Spawner" to any large slaad, such as the blue slaad here. Every time that slaad is hit, a slaad spawn joins the combat as an immediate reaction. What seemed like a simple foe suddenly breaks apart into more and more foes! The level of the Slaad Spawn is around the levels of the red, blue, and green slaad, but you could pump it up to the black slaad …

Finally, these last two rare archons are drawn from the pages of Monster Manual 2 and Manual of the Planes. The Earth Archon Rumbler and the Air Archon Zephyrhaunt were both created by the Primordials to be foot soldiers in the war against the gods. They now ally with giants, efreets, and demons. These troops help vary the size of the foes you pick to fight your players. Instead of five large giants or efreets, an archon or two can provide a flavorful medium opponent.

Next time: something chilling and something cruel.

Air Archon Zephyrhaunt

Earth Archon Rumbler

Slaad Spawn

Storm Titan

Talon Slaad

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Peter Lee works as a game designer for Wizards of the Coast, where he splits his time between RPG design and leading the design for D&D Miniatures.

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