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Divine Heroes 2

It's time for a new round of previews! This July we release the second series of miniatures aimed for use as player characters. Over the next three weeks, I'll show you some of the miniatures and power cards that you'll get in each pack.

First: the contents of Divine Heroes 2!

Warforged Cleric

To support the Eberron campaign setting, there are two Warforged in the second series. This preview features the Warforged Cleric. I've always been a fan of the Warforged Wizard from Deathknell, and I wanted to make a corresponding cleric miniature that looked just as good. Quiz time: which Eberron god does this warforged follow? There is a subtle visual clue; I'm curious to see whether people will pick up on it.

As with series one, each package of miniatures contains three new powers to use with your D&D characters. In most cases they will be at-will or utility powers, but we'll throw in a few daily and encounter attack powers as more miniatures are released. The power for the Warforged Cleric is Invigorating Assault, an at-will attack that grants temporary hit points to an adjacent ally.

Female Human Avenger

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Some of you may recognize this figure as the bodyguard from Night Below, but we've repainted this figure as a greatsword-wielding avenger. As she is a type of striker, she doesn't want to be surrounded by her enemies -- she wants to focus on a single opponent. Her Focused Fury power gives her that freedom.

Male Human Paladin

Experienced Dungeons & Dragons players will have noticed a difference with the paladin when compared to earlier editions. The paladin is no longer restricted to being just Lawful Good but is now the divine crusader for their deity. This paladin strays a bit more toward the neutral or evil side of things. He's a decent choice for a PC that follows the Raven Queen or as a foe for your games. His 6th level utility power is Flare of Divine Vengeance, a daily power that triggers on being hit by the target of the Paladin's divine challenge. It grants a healing surge and a bonus to hit the target until the end of the paladin's next turn.

Warforged Cleric

Male Human Paladin

Female Human Avenger

Get to work, you photo manipulators

That's it for today. I realize that some of you Dungeon Masters are eagerly awaiting previews for Legendary Evil. For that, I give you a minor teaser -- I snapped a picture a few weeks back of the unpainted figures from the set. While these figures aren't in their final form, it might give a hint of what is to come.

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Peter Lee works as a game designer for Wizards of the Coast, where he splits his time between RPG design and leading the design for D&D Miniatures.

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