D&D Miniatures
Dangerous Delves
Preview 7
by Peter Lee

Today we wrap up the whirlwind tour of Dangerous Delves. Over the last month, I've shown you all the miniatures that you'll find in the set. Of course, you'll be able to see the visible figures at your local gaming store in every Dangerous Delves pack. But speaking of visible figures, let's get right into today's preview!

There are two devils in Dangerous Delves. The first is our last visible miniature left to be previewed, the War Devil. You may have seen the sketch art for this devil on page 73 of Worlds and Monsters. The second devil is the rare Chain Devil, a creature first produced in Angelfire. I've always found the old miniature to be a bit flat. That's not a problem with this new one. The Kyton is one of the CAD miniatures for the set, and that process allows us to have more control over the pose of the miniature.

Today's common is the Grimlock Minion, a creature that is often enslaved by more powerful monsters such as Drow, Mind Flayers, and Aboleths. This is our third Grimlock miniature and our first since the Barbarian in Underdark. I don't have any more coming for the foreseeable future, so this may be your last chance at a grimlock for a couple of years!

The last two rares have a couple of things in common. They're both large, and they're both creatures that deal fire damage. The Hellstinger Scorpion is a large Rare miniature from the Monster Manual. You'll need Monster Manual 2 for the final miniature, the Young Gold Dragon.

I'm really excited for the future. The next series of Player's Handbook Heroes miniatures releases in July. After that, the next Monster Manual set (named Legendary Evils) will be released in August and will feature eight visible Huge miniatures! I'll be back soon for the next series of previews. Until then, have fun playing!

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Young Gold Dragon
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War Devil

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Hellstinger Scorpion
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Grimlock Minion
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Chain Devil

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Peter Lee works as a game designer for Wizards of the Coast, where he splits his time between RPG design and leading the design for D&D Miniatures.

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