D&D Miniatures
Dangerous Delves
Preview 6
by Peter Lee

It's the final stretch! There are ten figures left, if you include those shown in the May and Beyond article. Here's five more for today.

Long-time players may remember the Sunless Citadel and a favorite kobold tagalong named Meepo. The first adventure in the 4th Edition adventure series, Keep on the Shadowfell, has a new potential tagalong, the goblin named Splug. The uncommon Goblin Delver miniature isn't actually named Splug, but I can't help but call him that. Here's a small part from the art description: "It seems to be struggling a bit under the weight of its gear. It looks upward with its head cocked to the side, like it's saying 'You've got to be kidding me' to a human-sized creature."

Goblins are some of those creatures that are really best in volume, so you'll need more options than just a goblin porter. The common Goblin Sharpshooter is one of the basic goblins in the Monster Manual. The goblin with a crossbow is a fundamental monster for low-level parties that we really haven't seen since Harbinger.

This preview's Visible miniature is the Bladerager Troll, a troll that has been picked up from 3rd Edition's Monster Manual V and is featured in 4th Edition's Monster Manual 2. The Bladerager Troll is the result of a violent ritual that binds weapons and metal plates to the flesh of the troll. If you need a couple of bodyguards for a nasty level 12 wizard, these trolls are a perfect choice.

Also from Monster Manual 2 is the Clay Golem. This rare miniature is a level 15 Elite Brute. We wanted to make sure this version looked quite a bit different from the old Archfiends Clay Golem, so this one has more of a wet, melted clay look to it. There are a few sections of dried, cracked clay on the shoulders, elbows, and top of the head.

Our last miniature today is most recently seen in the Undead Hall of Infamy in Open Grave. The Aspect of Vecna is a level 25 Elite Controller that could also be used as the Level 35 god for an old-fashioned, epic-campaign-ending donnybrook.

Next time: our last preview, where you'll find at least a couple of devils and a dragon.

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Aspect of Vecna
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Bloodrager Troll

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