D&D Miniatures
Dangerous Delves
Preview 5
by Peter Lee

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Banshrae Warrior
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Feygrove Choker
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Ghaele of Winter
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Bloodseeker Drake

Today we look into the feywild. This week's visible miniature is the fantastic Hippogriff. If you're playing a game that needs hippogriff mounts, it should be pretty easy to get the four or six that you may need. Of all the visible miniatures in Dangerous Delves, this one might be my favorite.

Speaking of visible figures, I feel I need to show you exactly what the packaging looks like. There is a large, clear plastic window showing one of the eight visible figures, and below is the space for four random miniatures.

This preview's common miniature is the Bloodseeker Drake, one of the new drakes in Monster Manual 2. He's a soldier and fills a slightly different niche than the Guard Drake in the first Monster Manual.

The first choker miniature was produced in 2004, and it is still useful as the 4th Edition small creature. When the set list for Dangerous Delves was created, we decided to have a new choker, but this one would be the medium Feygrove Choker. This uncommon is a bit bigger than his Aberrations-era sibling but still a suitable proxy for the regular choker if you missed out on a five-year-old miniature set.

3rd edition's Monster Manual 5 came out in July 2007, which was about the time Demonweb's set list was being created. (This was before I arrived at the company in the beginning of 2008.) As a result, both Demonweb and this set have a couple of monsters from that book, especially those considered interesting enough to push into 4th edition. The foulspawn (Ushemoi) and Bladerager Troll were all originally drawn from that book, as well as this new fey creature. The rare Banshrae Warrior is another level 12 creature from the feywild. We show it in the middle of the Mantid Dance, a rechargeable power that gives it a bonus to defenses.

Today's last miniature is one of the figures that walks the line between PC figures and monster figures. We have a a few such figures in this set. We decided to put this in the monster set because it is an exact representation of the Ghaele of Winter on page 103 of the Monster Manual. I think she may see additional use as an Eladrin Rogue in some groups.

Next week: our last two previews!

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Peter Lee works as a game designer for Wizards of the Coast, where he splits his time between RPG design and leading the design for D&D Miniatures.

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