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Divine Heroes

Surprise! The preview engine is in overdrive. Instead of these articles appearing weekly, you'll see them every Wednesday and Friday. (I fear for Mr. Winter's sanity when I tell him how many figures I want to preview in a single week for Dangerous Delves, the monster set being released this May. ed's note: too late!)

Male Dwarf Paladin

This sturdy dwarf is dressed to kill: a suit of fine plate mail, a swooping cloak, a warhammer, and a shield emblazoned with the holy symbol of Moradin. You need to look back to Underdark's Gold Dwarf Soldier before you find another male Dwarf with a warhammer and shield. This one is bundled with a new paladin at-will power named challenging strike, a power that marks foes when it hits.

Female Halfling Cleric

Click to display power card

Stop -- in the name of Melora! OK, it probably won't make a catchy song, but as one of the few armored halfling females, this should be a useful miniature. As there are two clerics in the box, the powers aren't associated with one particular figure, but thematically I feel walk among the wounded fits this character better. I'd describe it, but you'd probably prefer to just see the card.

Male Human Cleric

The miniature process is a long one, and when we decided to go into the new model, we needed to pick up a few older sculpts to produce 18 PC figures. In each case, we're providing alternate paint jobs to make the figure stand out. The Female Eladrin Fighter in the Martial Heroes 2 box is a good example of how different a figure can look, but that's another preview. This Male Human Cleric is a much younger version of the Cleric of St. Cuthbert, released back in 2004. The other cleric power featured in the box is gaze of defiance, an at-will attack power that also handles some target designation effects, encouraging your allies to pile attacks on one target.

Male Dwarf Paladin

Female Halfling Cleric

Male Human Cleric

Next time -- Arcane madness!

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Peter Lee works as a game designer for Wizards of the Coast, where he splits his time between RPG design and leading the design for D&D Miniatures.

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