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Demonweb Preview 5

This week we present two soldier monsters that can be found in the 4th Edition Monster Manual.

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The mezzodemon (formally known as the mezzoloth) is a soldier that fills its role by skewering foes with the tines of its trident. This new Mezzoloth figure has a more dynamic pose than the one from Blood War and as a result looks a bit less like a bellowing creature from a certain farmboy's desert planet. They do look similar enough that when placed together, they are instantly recognizable as the same creature.

Cyclops Hewer

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In my mind, there is a group of iconic Large D&D monsters. Ogres, minotaurs, and trolls were all present in Harbinger, the first set of D&D Miniatures released back in 2003. The next couple of sets gave you dragons and giants. I feel that every miniature set needs a selection of these staple large creatures. (I'm also curious to see what other large creatures people consider to be staples. Centaurs? Umber hulks? Aboleths? Post on the message boards and mention your favorites!)

I had a book on greek mythology on the bookcase next to my bed as a child, so the inclusion of the cyclops in the first Monster Manual for 4th edition makes me very happy. The Cyclops Hewer is the second cyclops done as a D&D miniature.

The Cyclops Hewer soldier power is Evil Eye, an ability that can persuade a creature not to attack. By targeting an enemy with Evil Eye, if that enemy misses a melee attack while within reach of the Cyclops, the Cyclops can take a free attack against that creature. In the roleplaying game, this power is expanded further by allowing the Cyclops to shift closer when a target moves out of reach.

That's it for this week! Advanced knowledge about next week's preview requires you to have combat advantage.

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Peter Lee is the newest member of the RPG R&D Design team and the new Lead Designer for the D&D Miniatures game.

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