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Demonweb Preview 4
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This week in Demonweb, the three miniatures we're showing include one common, one uncommon, and one rare.

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Sharn Redcloak

The Sharn Redcloak is a simple common archer inspired by the Redcloak Battalion, an elite fighting force that served in the Last War. Now that the war has ended, one unit of the Redcloak Battalion has been assigned to Sharn, the city of towers found in the Eberron campaign setting.

The miniature itself is extremely utilitarian -- a male human with a bow. I can't think of a more useful common human archer in the history of the D&D Miniatures line. In groups, they are great for town militia, bandits, or hired mercenaries.

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Bugbear Warrior

A Dungeon Master always has a need for bugbear fighters -- bugbears are one of the goblinoid races, and you can't have too many of those. The Bugbear Warrior is a typical bugbear brute armed with a large morning star and ready to smash things into dust. This is one of two Uncommon bugbears in the set. People familiar with the 4th Edition Monster Manual might be able to determine what the other bugbear in Demonweb is called …

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Skull Lord

This creature was invented in Monster Manual V for 3rd Edition before making the transition to 4th Edition. Many monsters get tougher as a fight progresses, but the Skull Lord is just the opposite. For the roleplaying game, every time it "dies," its hit points are reset to full but one of its skulls is destroyed. It's a bit like fighting three 40-hit-point creatures in one three-headed package. Each skull has a different power usable as a minor action, so as players beat down the Skull Lord, it slowly loses its powers.

See you next week!

About the Author

Peter Lee is the newest member of the RPG R&D Design team and the new Lead Designer for the D&D Miniatures game.

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