D&D Miniatures09/25/2008

Demonweb Preview 3
More Demonweb, Less Time

Today is a busy day here in the office chasing down some loose elementals, so this will be a short preview. Well, short in words, at least -- here are three figures from Demonweb. It's a complete coincidence that this week's preview has figures that have point costs as (rounded) multiples of 7.5.

I'm sure you'd rather spend your time checking out the beta versions of the Blood War restats instead.

Spiretop Drake

The spiretop drake is one of the drakes featured in the Monster Manual. I suspect this will be a popular choice in the miniatures battle game as a piece to camp out in victory areas near walls, because opponents will need to use a creature that doesn't have just a melee attack to handle the threat.

Spiretop Drake

Shardsoul Slayer

This creature was created by Rodney Thompson for last year's Monster Manual V, but you can find the 4th Edition version of it in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide; check out the section on the Warlock Knights of Vaasa. This creature has the shard of a soul of a primordial; it's a construct fueled by elemental fury.

Shardsoul Slayer

Web Golem

The Web Golem -- an awesome sculpt. When I first saw the unpainted miniature a few months back, it quickly became one of my favorites in the set. There is a subtle yellowish wash on the miniature giving it a nice, icky appearance.

Next week -- well, you know the drill.

Web Golem

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Peter Lee is the newest member of the RPG R&D Design team and the new Lead Designer for theD&D Miniatures game.

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