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Demonweb Preview 1
Flayers and Demons and Drow, Oh My!

It's time to start digging! Here is the first preview for the upcoming D&D Miniatures expansion, Demonweb! I give you three monster trends that flow throughout the set: drow, mind flayers, and demons. In addition to these Dungeons & Dragons staples, you'll find other foes from the underdark, a few devils from the Astral Sea, undead, figures for your PCs, and other miniatures to make your games more exciting.

Spiderbound Drow Warrior

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What would a set inspired by the Demonweb Pits be without multiple drow? The Spiderbound Drow Warrior is one of five creatures in this set that has the "Drow" keyword. (You'll also find at least three creatures from races that serve the drow, but you might have to wait a while to find out the names of those creatures …)

The miniature's shield has some excellent relief work. A spider covers the front side of the shield, and this also inspires some of the creature's abilities -- he can send the spider off to attack a nearby foe. For the roleplaying game, it's a summoning-like power that brings in a spider for a single round. The miniatures battle game simplifies this mechanic by just applying ongoing 5 poison to a nearby creature.

The drow are among the oldest foes in the game, and they've become popular among people on both sides of the dungeon master's screen. Three of the drow in this set are entirely suitable as player characters, especially useful when combined with the drow race found in the new Forgotten Realms Player's Guide. This miniature satisfies both the player's need for a drow fighter to represent his PC and the DM's need for a drow soldier.

Shadow Flayer

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A couple of creatures in this set were based on creatures first seen in the 3rd edition Monster Manual V. This book has a large section on the Mind Flayers of Thoon -- another popular race found both in the underdark and in this miniature set. Demonweb has three creatures that count as mind flayers, including the lurker from Monster Manual V known as the Shadow Flayer. This level 12 creature is armed with a longspear, which instantly makes him stand out from previous mind flayer miniatures. This guy will poke you with a spear as well as suck out your brain.

This lurker's stealth mode is the power to turn invisible by using his Shadowcloak ability. He easily gets the lurker damage increase with sneak attack -- invisibility makes it extremely easy to achieve. He still has his other mind flayer abilities to strike fear into player characters. The stunning mind blast will make any low-will defense player pause for a second thought.


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People lucky enough to stop by the Delve in the Wizards of the Coast booth at GenCon in August got a taste of this creature firsthand. The Solamith is one of eight creatures with the demon keyword in Demonweb. In combat, this artillery creature rips off hunks of its flesh and hurls them at enemies. The souls trapped in the Solamith's flesh explode in balls of fire.

Next week, we'll start digging deeper into the shiny goodness to be found in the Demonweb.

About the Author

Peter Lee is the newest member of the RPG R&D Design team and the new Lead Designer for theD&D Miniatures game.

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