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Snake Bite!
D&D Miniatures Scenario

Rain poured down steadily as the caravan pushed slowly through the jungle. Sweating, cursing men cleared a path for the carts and wagons struggling along behind them. The narrow trail was a shortcut, according to the wine-swilling toughs in the last border town. They told Merrain, the caravan owner, that he could shave fifty miles off the trip to Copperport by following the jungle road instead of skirting around. He'd be fine, they said, provided he stayed on the trail. Merrain even hired extra muscle in case of trouble from the jungle's denizens. But the trouble was the jungle itself. After the first few miles, nothing in this green labyrinth resembled a road or even a track. How could he stick to a road that didn't exist?

It was late on the second day that the towering obelisks came into view. The white pillars rising from the greenery were jarringly out of place. Staring up at them, Merrain realized that the low hissing he heard was not rain spattering on leaves.

Snake Bite is a solo adventure using Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures and the DDM battle rules. It is designed to be played by one player but can also be played by two or more players working together, by one player and one DM, or by a group of players and a DM.

For this scenario, you'll need the Jungle Temple map from the D&D Miniatures Starter Set, the Drow Enclave map from the Fane of the Drow Fantastic Locations* set, and a handful of miniatures. You can preview the scenario onscreen, but you'll still need to download the whole package (scenario, ally tables, stat cards, and reference map) in order to play. All the stat cards you'll need for the encounters are included, in case you don't already have them in your collection. For heroes, you can use whatever miniatures you do have (or download additional stat cards from the available sets).

(* Fane of the Drow was released in 2005, which means it's not easy to find in stores anymore. You can still play Snake Bite, however, because we're giving away the Drow Enclave map for free. Download it from the link below as either a full-size sheet for commercial printing at a shop or as eight letter-sized tiles for printing and assembling at home.)

If you enjoy these types of solitaire/group play scenarios, let us know in the forum.

About the Author

Dave Numainville lives in New Prague, Minnesota with his fiancee Melissa. His first exposure to D&D was The Crystal Shard by R.A. Salvatore and the Pool of Radiance Gold Box video game on his Commadore 64. He works on servers by day and delves into other worlds by night. Dave has been playing the D&D Miniatures game since the Deathknell pre-release.

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