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Saturday's Gen Con Highlights!
D&D Miniatures at the Best Four Days in Gaming

Constructed Championship Standings
# Name Pts OMW%
1 Morley, Jonathan 18 66.6
2 Schneider, Scott 15 66.6
3 Adkins, Don 15 62.2
4 Domezio, Michael 15 58.3
5 Lynch, Declan 15 58.3
6 Garant-rousseau, Guillaume 15 57.2
7 Johnson, Joshua 15 56.6
8 Elgaard, Shane 15 51.6
9 Liberman, Mark 15 48.3
10 Dewey, Glyn 15 46.1
11 Eskandari, Darren 12 63.8
12 Sherline, Brandan 12 63.8
13 Hagan, Stephen 12 62.2
14 Mcgill, Clint 12 62.2
15 Ansaldo, Jim 12 59.4
16 Vogel, Bill 12 58.3

The main event of the day for DDM was the Constructed Championship. Another (larger) event provided us a chance to catch up with more players to profile.

Constructed Championship

The Championship started at 9 a.m. with 85 people. Rankings of the top 16 players are shown at right. The second column shows the player's score, with three points per win. For a more complete list of all player standings at the end of round 6, including drops, see my forum posts.

Community Draft

The Championship started at 8 p.m. with 112 people. This represents one of the largest DDM events in the world, ever, and only barely below the record of 128 at the Dragoneye Release Tournament at Gencon Socal in 2003.

Participants in the community draft bring two boosters to play with and bring a prize. The event is not DCI sanctioned but runs just like a regular DCI draft event. Play is on two custom maps created specifically for each community draft and voted on by the community. Players take home one copy of each map and large numbers of the player-provided prizes. Wizards supported the event with significant prizes, and players supplied an amazing range of custom-painted minis. .

Player Profiles

Michael Domezio (aka tianzi)

Michael Domezio

When did you start Skirmish/Battle?

What are your big DDM wins?
Limited Qualifier win
California Open 2007

Where do you play?
Endgame in Oakland, CA and Game Kastle in Santa Clara, CA

What are you doing to build community?
Mike has a friendly disposition online. He assists new players in the game on league nights by using the new player's warbands vs. them instead of other, more polished (and dangerous) warbands.

What other games do you play?
D&D 4E RPG weekly, boardgames

What do you do in the real world?
Lawn and Garden Sales

What's your dream job?
Covert farmer of a specific alternative crop

Why should your opponents fear you?
Prepare a lot, patient play, seek out strong competition, strongly focused on competitive play

What are we doing right with minis now?
Mike likes the increased emphasis on tactics and movement and that DDM Battle and D&D 4th Edition's focus on maximum game fun with less administrative work.

Brad Shugg (aka bshugg)

Brad Shugg

When did you start Skirmish/Battle?

What are your big DDM wins?
Top 8 Constructed Championship 2004
qualified to play in every Constructed Championship

Where do you play?
Fanfare Sports and Comics in Kalamazoo, Michigan

What are you doing to build community?
Conducted many DDM Demos. Organized and judged at local tournaments. Work with the store and used their email newsletter to communicate events. Brad was the Head Judge at Origins 2007. He ran school leagues with free warbands with good turnout and mixed long-term success. Brad encourages local players to host league nights at the store rather than at home.

What other games do you play?
DM for weekly D&D 4E RPG game, Clout World Champion, used to be top player in Mage Knight. Top 8 at first Dreamblade Championship. Played Magic Pro Tour.

What do you do in the real world?
Senior IT Project Leader for Medical Research

What's your dream job?
Would love to work at game company as an event organizer.

Why should your opponents fear you?
Developed some of the top warbands used in DDM

What are we doing right with Minis now?
The rules are working well, and Peter Lee does well as a public face of Wizards to the community. Brad likes the tie between DDM products and D&D 4E products. Judging continues to be excellent.

Pat Lynch (aka PatLynch)

Pat Lynch

When did you start Skirmish/Battle?
Chainmail and beginning of Harbinger

What are your big DDM wins?
Top 4 Constructed Qualifier in Montreal 2005
2nd place Constructed Championship 2006
3rd place Limited Championship 2007
1st place Limited Qualifier at Gencon 2007

Where do you play?
Battleground Games and Hobbies at Abington, MA

What are you doing to build community?
Writes and supports the DDM Card Printer and Collectible Package Generator programs. He gives away minis to new players and supports their growth into the game. He targets D&DRPG players as potential recreuits. Was a delegate and ran many dozens of demos.

What other games do you play?
D&D RPG weekly and boardgames

What do you do in the real world?
Computer Programmer at Insurance Company

What's your dream job?
Working for Wizards, of course.

Why should your opponents fear you?
Usually very analytical player with conservative play style. Pat has played 750 sanctioned matches.

What are we doing right with Minis now?
New rules allow more fluid battles. Pat likes that new players do not need to buy hundreds of minis to get into the game.

Marie-Eve Desbiens Woods (aka damcyan on blackguard.ca)

Marie-Eve Desbiens Woods

When did you start Skirmish/Battle?
Giants of Legends

What are your big DDM wins?
Plays and wins a lot in Montreal, one of the most competitive environments in the world.

Where do you play?
Carta Magica in Montreal, Canada

What are you doing to build community?
She participates on blackguard.ca forums, a French-language DDM website. The two big stores in Montreal, Carta Magica and Valet de Coeur, conduct tournaments twice a week and provide phenomenal support to the community. Repaints and boosters are provided as prize support at cost. Montreal Open has international draw and high cash prizes. Players can compete in Constructed and Draft qualifiers over two days for one entry fee. At regular weekly tournaments, prizes are distributed via draft, so new players often leave with a large number of minis.

What other games do you play?
Boardgames, D&D RPG as both DM and player; used to play Magic.

What do you do in the real world?
English-French translator for a communications company

What's your dream job?
Travel Agent/Organizer, or Tea Boutique, or write a novel involving D&D-related fantasy

Why should your opponents fear you?
Marie-Eve is a highly-ranked international player and does well in the very competitive Montreal scene

What are we doing right with Minis now?
She likes that Shift is now an inherent action for all creatures, and she likes the new charging rules. The repaints in the league kits and special items such as the Night Below die are very much appreciated. She is also happy that the DCI ratings have been reset with the move to the new edition.

What's Up for Sunday?

The 2008 Constructed Championship kicked off at 9 a.m. on Sunday with the last two swiss rounds, then the cut to the top 4.
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