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Against the Giants Preview 8
It All Ends in Fire
by Peter Lee

Original Dungeon Masters Guide

Welcome to this final sneak peek into Against the Giants. In a week or two, you'll be able to get your hands on a new set of huge miniatures with which to crush your foes and threaten your players!

For this final week, we look at creatures with ties to fire.

Efreeti Flamestrider

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Old-school Dungeons & Dragons fans should remember this creature from the Dave Sutherland painting that graced the cover of the original Dungeons Masters Guide. He's back in 4th Edition with reinforcements -- the Monster Manual offers a DM the choice of five different efreets, including the Efreeti Flamestrider.

The Efreeti Flamestrider has the potential to be incredibly mobile. Fiery Teleport allows this skirmisher to skip around the battlefield, but only to spaces adjacent to fire creatures or next to creatures taking ongoing fire damage. The second part requires no ally -- if the Flamestrider hits with Fiery Grasp, a ranged attack that can target any creature he can see, the Efreet can immediately use his move action to teleport adjacent to the target.

Retreating is a little more difficult, because you're not as likely to have ongoing fire damage on any of your creatures. If you thought ahead and included another creature in your warband with the fire keyword, then you're set. Perhaps you can use a …

Fire Bat

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Like the Efreeti Flamestrider, the Fire Bat is a fire creature. While he won't work in constructed play with the Flamestrider, he's a great combination in sealed play. The Fire Bat is also a skirmisher, but instead of teleporting, this mobile creature is able to fly over multiple opponents and attack them with fiery goodness.

This miniature represents a mid-heroic tier enemy in the roleplaying game. When looking at all of Against the Giants, you'll find a multitude of enemies to threaten your players at every tier. The Fire Bat is one of the heroic tier enemies, while the efreet are solid foes for your epic tier encounters. All the huge miniatures in Against the Giants can form the core of a paragon and epic tier encounter, and common miniatures such as the Orc Zombie and Ravenous Dire Rat are great opponents for low-level, heroic tier fights.

That's it for Against the Giants previews. Join us in a month or two for a journey through the Demonweb, and perhaps you might get a brief glimpse into the Feywild …

About the Author

Peter Lee is the newest member of the RPG R&D Design team and the new Lead Designer for theD&D Miniatures game.

For the insatiably curious among you, here are the silhouettes of the 16 creatures that will be previewed here. Go ahead and try to figure out what they are. We dare you. (Clicking on any revealed image takes you to its preview.)

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