D&D Miniatures06/19/2008

Whose Staff is That?
A Visual Puzzle for Mini-acs

Think you have them all? Here's the place to find out.

A. Bonded Fire Summoner
War of the Dragon Queen

B. Dwarf Wizard

C. Lady Vol
Night Below

D. Wild Mage
Night Below

E. Lareth the Beautiful
Giants of Legend

F. Warden of the Wood
War of the Dragon Queen

G. Sage

H. Elf Conjurer
Desert of Desolation

I. Ialdabode, Human Psion

J. Cormyrean War Wizard

K. Wizard Tactician

Now that you have an objective, quantifiable measure of your intelligence, feel free to share your tales of mnemonic glory in the forum.

About the Author

Megan Smith is a very happily addicted collector and repainter of D&D minis. She lives in Australia and goes by the incredibly imaginative name of smithmeg on the forums.

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