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Against the Giants Preview 6
Before and After

With the advent of the revised D&D Miniatures game, we have reworked the rules for Epic Sealed Tournament play. The format for the Against the Giants Prereleases will be "400 Point Epic Sealed." Players at the prereleases will build 400-point warbands with no more than 10 figures. The assault scenario will be used. To win a game, players must score 400 victory points. Players earn victory points by eliminating opposing creatures (points = the creature's cost) and by occupying victory areas at the end of a round (points = 20 for occupying one or more areas).

Players will also be required to have an Epic battle map. But not to worry, each player who attends an Against the Giants prerelease event will receive the Epic battle map "King's Road," freshly updated for the new rules.

This week, we feature two figures similar in more than one way. Uncommon? Check. Deal fire damage? Check. The ability to rain fire from a distance? Check.

Eladrin Pyromancer

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The Eladrin Pyromancer is a straight up artillery piece who rains down fire on your opponents. His signature Fireball will hurt anyone but the few pieces resistant to fire damage, even if he misses with his attack. Once that's used up, he can still peg off enemies with Fireblast.

Defensively, the pyromancer surrounds his person with a shield of circling blades. If you think you're about to be attacked in melee, you should activate this ability and cause automatic damage to any creature that tries to hit with a melee attack. It lasts as long as the wizard chooses not to move. If you have other creatures that can slide the Eladrin around, you might be able to have it last quite a while and still throw off a few Fireblasts.

The pyromancer can be a bit aggressive. Here's a guy that actually wants to burn himself! His damage output skyrockets if he's able to take a little bit of fire damage, thanks to his recharging Fireball. If stuck in the area of effect of his own Fireball, he can use it again. In his spare time, he jumps over fire pits in his hometown village of Evermelt.

Of course, if he takes fire damage too many times, he'll start to look like our next guy …

Blazing Skeleton

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Now that you have your 4th Edition Monster Manual, turn to page 234. Against the Giants fills your Blazing Skeleton needs with this Uncommon miniature. This is one of my favorites in the set: a dynamic pose, a good use of clear plastic, a painted charred skeleton; what's not to like?

The Blazing Skeleton can't control as much of the battlefield as the Eladrin Pyromancer, but it's also not as fragile for the points. Opponents need to be sure of their attacks before coming after this creature; if a melee attack misses, the attacker suffers 15 fire damage.

Speaking of fire, there are five creatures in the set with the Fire keyword. I think the identity of four of them has already been revealed in previews, at D&D Experience, or on box art. Don't think too hard on the fifth one; it might just drive you a little batty.

About the Author

Peter Lee is the newest member of the RPG R&D Design team and the new Lead Designer for theD&D Miniatures game.

For the insatiably curious among you, here are the silhouettes of the 16 creatures that will be previewed here. Go ahead and try to figure out what they are. We dare you. (Clicking on any revealed image takes you to its preview.)

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Earth Titan
Angel of Retribution
Gnaw Demon
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Feybound Halfling
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Eladrin Pyromancer
Blazing Skeleton
Shadow Hulk
Lurking Wraith
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