D&D Miniatures05/15/2008

Against the Giants Preview 2
Short and Tall

Last week, we showed you one of the player character miniatures available in Against the Giants. This week, you'll see two more, one uncommon and one rare.

Dragonborn Myrmidon

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As one of the core races for the 4th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons, dragonborn certainly need representation in plastic. The Dragonborn Myrmidon is a double-whammy of newness -- not only is he a new race, but he is also a member of a new class, the Warlord.

This guy has one of the signature abilities of dragonborn -- an attack with dragon's breath. The Dragonborn Myrmidon has cold breath, but other dragonborn can have any type of damage available to dragons -- acid, poison, fire, etc. Its other single-use ability, Hammer and Anvil, is a warlord's 1st-level encounter exploit. If you hit your target with this attack, you give an ally the opportunity to make an attack. The warlord may become a flanking rogue's best friend.

Feybound Halfling

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Now we jump from the tallest PC race in the new Player's Handbook to the shortest. I'm quite fond of this little guy, because this mace-wielding, fey-pact warlock is currently moonlighting as my wand-wielding wizard in a Thursday evening D&D game.

Like the Dragonborn Myrmidon, the Feybound Halfling's miniature stats draw upon the abilities that the character would have in the RPG. In this case, it duplicates the Otherwind Stride encounter spell, which is a damaging close attack that additionally teleports the caster a short distance away.

Next week, we look at two miniatures that are somehow related to one of the creatures shown in this preview.

About the Author

Peter Lee is the newest member of the RPG R&D Design team and the new Lead Designer for theD&D Miniatures game.

For the insatiably curious among you, here are the silhouettes of the 16 creatures that will be previewed here. Go ahead and try to figure out what they are. We dare you. (Clicking on any revealed image takes you to its preview.)

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