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Against the Giants Preview 1
Bedrock of the Universe
by Peter Lee

The rumbling you hear in the distance is something Huge coming your way.

Against the Giants will be our third foray into Huge miniatures. For this set, we've once again reexamined how figures are distributed across the rarities. As inWar of the Dragon Queen, there are six uncommon Huge figures and six rare Huge figures, with a rare Huge being found on average in one out of three boosters. We've changed how the other figures are distributed, too. In addition to the 12 Huge figures in the set, there are 18 rares, 21 uncommons, and 9 commons. In a single booster, you'll find one Huge figure (uncommon or rare), one non-Huge rare, three uncommons, and three commons.

As you might expect,Against the Giantscontains a few giants and titans, all found in the 4th EditionMonster Manual. Previews of 4th Edition have mentioned the relationship between giants and titans, so for our first preview, you get to see two uncommon creatures linked to the ground beneath their feet.

Earth Titan

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Formed from the elements, giants helped the primordials shape the world in the old times. The first giants were the titans -- huge, roughly shaped humanoids whose appearance clearly shows a link to the primordials and their elemental origin. Formed from the bedrock of the world, the Earth Titan is one such titan.

You've seen this guy's little brother a few times before in theD&D Miniatures line -- the Hill Giant. Now meet the Earth Titan, the lowest-level titan in the newMonster Manual. More monstrous than the hill giant, the Earth Titan is a great example of how giants and titans work in the new edition. Titans (and to some extent giants) have a supernatural look that makes these creatures stand out as something more than just a big person.

This is also the first chance that players have to see how higher-point play works in the newD&D Miniatures battle game rules. The Earth Titan's card is a gold color, making it instantly stand out as something different -- something only for epic battles. There are 13 creatures inAgainst the Giantsthat are only playable in formats with more than 200 points.

The Earth Titan is on the lower end of the cost scale for Huges, which for this set average to about 199 points.

Dwarf Warsword

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The dwarves were also forged from bedrock, but their creator was the god Moradin. Like their stature, their power was small. Shortly after their creation, the dwarves were enslaved by the giants. During the fight between the Immortals and the Primordials, the dwarves fought their giant oppressors and were freed from a life of enslavement. Dwarves have long memories, and to this day, they despise giants and titans.

The Dwarf Warsword is one miniature with a ton of uses. When I first saw him, I thought he was a dwarf rogue. He works as a player character, a mugger in a town encounter, and he could even make a passable ranger.

In the miniatures game, this creature is hard to ignore. His damage output is pretty scary. Against a bloodied opponent that has already damaged him, the Warsword swings for 40 points of damage before adding any champion powers. If your opponent chooses to ignore him, they're in for a world of hurt. He's another creature with the Defender ability, making him a creature you want to deal with first.

Over the coming weeks, we'll preview 16 figures from the upcomingAgainst the Giants expansion. Next week, we'll look at two miniatures that will be useful to represent player characters in 4th Edition games.

About the Author

Peter Lee is the newest member of the RPG R&D Design team and the new Lead Designer for theD&D Miniatures game.

For the insatiably curious among you, here are the silhouettes of the 16 creatures that will be previewed here. Go ahead and try to figure out what they are. We dare you.

Dwarf Warsword
Earth Titan
Angel of Retribution
Gnaw Demon
Dragonborn Defender
Elder White Dragon
Dragonborn Myrmidon
Feybound Halfling
Yuan-Ti Anathema
Chain Golem
Eladrin Pyromancer
Blazing Skeleton
Shadow Hulk
Lurking Wraith
Fire Bat
Efreeti Flamestrider

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