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Dungeons of Dread Preview 7
Three Heads Are Better Than Two

We're coming up to the release of Dungeons of Dread in just a few more weeks. Time is short here, so let's go straight to the miniatures. Enjoy!


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Our first monster this week is an old favorite -- the Gargoyle, a 9th-level lurker. A lurker is a type of creature that, throughout the course of a battle, switches between an active battle position and a lurking form. This could be as simple as a drow hiding in shadows or an insubstantial ghost walking through a wall. The lurking mode for the Gargoyle is called Stone Form, and it transforms the creature into something similar to a statue. In the skirmish game, this grants the Gargoyle Resist 20 All, which is similar to DR from the previous versions of the game. When a gargoyle in Stone Form would take damage, you add up all the damage applied to it and reduce it by 20. This means an attack that deals 10 + 10 Fire damage would have no effect.

The fun part of lurking mode is the attack that comes after. A lurker typically deals its best attack when it leaves lurking mode. An invisible creature with Sneak Attack is a great example of this. When the Gargoyle leaves its Stone Form in the skirmish game, it can use its Stonesoul Frenzy attack. In the next round, it can return to the lurking Stone Form. The result is a creature that plays quite a bit differently from a standard brute beater or artillery piece.

Ettin Jack-Of-Irons

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Encounters in 4th Edition are designed to typically include five monsters. Some monsters, like ettins, are exceptions to this rule. As an elite brute, this two-headed monstrosity counts as two creatures when filling out an encounter. Elite creatures need to influence the battle as much as two 'standard' creatures would. The Ettin uses the simplest way -- multiple activations. In the RPG, you roll initiative twice for each ettin. In the skirmish game, you activate it twice per round.

That's it for miniatures this week. Make sure you look at the revised, review-ready Night Below stat cards. Next week, mind your skeletons!

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Peter Lee is the newest member of the RPG R&D Design team and the new Lead Designer for the D&D Miniatures game.

It's mystery silhouette time. Shown below are all the figures that we'll feature in these previews. Can you guess their identities? Feel free to try!

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