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Dungeons of Dread Preview 6
One if By Land, Two if By -- Below Land

This past weekend, hordes of Dungeons & Dragons fans got a taste of 4th Edition at D&D Experience. Lucky DDM skirmishers also got to play in the first official miniature tournaments involving the new D&D Miniatures rules. The upcoming expansion, Dungeons of Dread, will be released in about a month, adding 60 new creatures to your collection.


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The land shark is a popular D&D icon that has already been updated for the new edition. The first thing people notice with this Bulette is its size. This 9th-level elite skirmisher is back to the Large size that it had in the 1st edition Monster Manual. This doesn't make your old Bulette from Giants of Legend useless, however, becasue the dire incarnation of this creature is a Huge, 18th-level monster.

Skirmishers are a type of monster that should benefit from frequent battlefield movement, and the Bulette is a great example of this. This creature has two powers that involve burrowing. Earth Furrow allows it to burrow under enemies and knock them to the ground. It also has a 2-square burst attack to use when it surfaces, spraying rocks and dirt in every direction.

As you would expect, the Bulette has the ability to burrow under opponents in the skirmish game as well. When it surfaces, it can use the Earthcrest attack to shower rocks on all creatures within 2 squares. Every round. Yeah.

Dire Wolf

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A Dire Wolf is a creature that people want in numbers, and Dungeons of Dread delivers! This set has the 5th-level skirmisher as an uncommon figure, so you won't have any problems putting together a Dire Wolfpack to threaten your players.

The Dire Wolf is a pack fighter that benefits when it has other wolf allies around. In the role-playing game, the Dire Wolf has the ability to bring prey down into a prone condition. The miniatures battle game reflects this with the immobilized condition. Once a foe is down, the Dire Wolf packs additional damage onto it.

That's it for this week. Be sure to join us next week for more peeks into Dungeons of Dread!

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Peter Lee is the newest member of the RPG R&D Design team and the new Lead Designer for the D&D Miniatures game.

It's mystery silhouette time. Shown below are all the figures that we'll feature in these previews. Can you guess their identities? Feel free to try!

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