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Dungeons of Dread Preview 4
Demons and Aberrants

This week, we peek into the 4th Edition Monster Manual. The two creatures below are relatively new to the Dungeons & Dragons universe; one was introduced in the 3rd Edition Monster Manual IV, the other is new to this edition.


Balhannoth Lurkers need some ability to leap into and out of combat, and the Balhannoth does it in Far Realm style -- it teleports short distances by shifting in and out of reality. After appearing, it attacks with flailing tentacles and slides its enemies around. Usually it is found wild, but adventuring parties may find it working with races that can communicate with it telepathically -- namely, Mind Flayers and Aboleths.

In the skirmish game, the Balhannoth is an unpredictable creature. At the start of its turn, there is a chance that it teleports 10 squares for free. It also has an ability that can possibly shut down an enemy creature's attack -- Warp. When an enemy within 3 squares makes a non-basic attack action, that attack might miss automatically. This ability can be used against only two attacks during the battle, so make sure it counts!


Immolith When demons die, their spirits descend into the depths of the abyss. Sometimes this process is interrupted -- such spirits merge and coalesce into an undead demon known as an immolith.

This controller can be found in the Demon section of the 4th Edition Monster Manual. For ranged interference, an Immolith has a slowing curse that is used as a minor action. For closer targets, this creature's melee attacks can pull targets adjacent, and with reach 4, it's likely it will grab someone. Once an enemy is drawn to an adjacent position, it suffers through a constant, fiery aura.

The Immolith brings some of these powers into the skirmish game. The Immolith's aura is handled by causing 15 fire or necrotic damage to enemies that activate adjacent to the Immolith. The pulling grab is contained in the Immolith's basic attack, so it is quite powerful when combined with abilities that grant additional basic attacks.

Next week -- two creatures suitable for late heroic tier encounters.

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