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Dungeons of Dread Preview 1
Entering the Dungeon

I've spent the past few weeks settling into life in Seattle, and I've managed to arm-wrestle my first preview out of Stephen's hands. It's an exciting time for me, but that's not why you're reading this preview.

This April, the new starter for the D&D Miniatures game will be released. The new rules are already available on our website for everyone to read. This April also has the release of the newest set of D&D Miniatures, Dungeons of Dread. Like Desert of Desolation, this set features more concept art for D&D 4th Edition.

"Enough of this," you say? Bring on the miniatures!

Ascendant Hellsword

The Ascendant Hellsword is an Evil champion for the Civilization faction. This elite brute's Infernal Slash increases positional changes on the battlefield. No longer do we have games of static figures mindlessly swinging at each other. Watch out, Bodyguard!

The roleplaying side is a slightly higher-level version of the Cambion Hellsword as seen in the Monster Manual. Instead of a late Heroic-tier enemy, this will be seen more often in early Paragon play. The full roleplaying statistics will need to wait until the set is released.

Fen Hydra

Gone is Dual Activation; bring on Multi-Activation! To mimic the solo nature of the Fen Hydra in the Dungeons & Dragons RPG, this Large creature has the ability to activate twice in a round. The attacks and hit points are dialed down slightly from the Monster Manual, but it does have the ability to increase its number of attacks as it is damaged. With Multi-Activation 2 and New Heads, a bloodied Fen Hydra can dish out a potential 80 damage in one round, not including critical hits!

You'll notice some changes from the 3rd Edition Hydra. Gone is the dinosaur body; this is not an unintelligent, wingless dragon with multiple heads. Instead, this Large creature fills its own unique niche. As you fight it, it sprouts new heads. This guy gets more and more dangerous as the fight continues!

What's better than a mob of zombies? A mob of Chillborn zombies! This common zombie is appropriate for mid-Heroic tier encounters. Rogues are no longer useless against these guys, because there's no immunity to Sneak Attack here. Zombie head-shot, here we come!

Next week, we'll delve deeper into the new set. Will you need to wait until April to get these figures? Yes, unless you make the trip out to D&D Experience between February 28th and March 2nd. There will be many opportunities to play with Dungeons of Dread as well as the first chance to officially play the new 4th edition rules.

About the Author
Peter Lee is the newest member of the RPG R&D Design team and the new Lead Designer for the D&D Miniatures game.
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