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Night Below
Download the Revised Stat Cards Today!

As everyone probably knows by now, Wizards of the Coast has undertaken the monumental task of updating previously-published miniatures' stats so that every figure available, dating all the way back to Harbinger in 2003, is playable with the new rules. That's not going to happen overnight, but we'll keep at it until the work is done. At the start, we're focusing on the three sets of 2007 -- Desert of Desolation, Night Below, and Unhallowed -- plus the D&D All-Stars selected by popular vote.

The current plan includes releasing a beta version of each update for public playtest and review before finalizing those stats in their official, tournament-legal form.

This page is where you'll find all of these updated cards in both their playtest and final versions.

If you don't have the rulebook yet, you'll need that, too.

Whether you're competing publicly or playing at home with a few friends, we want you to read the rules, inspect the cards, and most of all -- play the game! Then pop over to the forums to let everyone know how it went and read others' evaluations. We think you'll find it's a fast, exciting, and intuitive game, with enough of the 'old feel' to be a new yet familiar experience.

Revised Edition Rulebook -- FINAL
Desert of Desolation -- FINAL
Night Below -- FINAL
Dungeons of Dread debut -- coming April 2008
Unhallowed -- coming May 2008
D&D All-Stars -- coming June 2008
And remember, all Desert of Desolation creatures will appear in the 4th edition D&D Monster Manual! Get More at D&D Insider!
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