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D&D Miniatures Battle Rules
The New Rulebook is Here!

After all the hoopla, there shouldn't be much need to go into great detail about this, but here's the abbreviated rundown for anyone who's been holed up in Honningsvag since July '07.

The D&D Miniatures game is being revised to align the rules with changes that are happening in Fourth Edition D&D. The new game debuts in April with the Dungeons of Dread expansion. Existing miniatures will receive new stats to make them compatible with the new rules according to this schedule (which is subject to change) --

  • January 2008:Desert of Desolation
  • March 2008:Night Below
  • April 2008:Dungeons of Dread Release
  • May 2008:Unhallowed
  • June 2008: Fan-selected All-Stars

As of this moment, you can download the rulebook and devour it with all the ravenous energy of a tarrasque with low blood sugar. This is the final rulebook, not a proof or beta version.

A thread has been opened in the DDM forums for discussion. More will appear organically, we're sure, and that's great, but hit this one first.

And remember, all Desert of Desolation creatures will appear in the 4th edition D&D Monster Manual, and you'll be able to download their updated stats for the new D&D Miniatures rules in January 2008! Get More at D&D Insider!
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