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3rd-Level Dungeon Encounters
of the Random Kind

Here's a random encounter table for a 3rd-level dungeon. All the creatures on this table are from the Desert of Desolation, Night Below, and Blood War expansions. If you don't have the miniatures listed here, substitute any figures of a similar CR that you do own. Use this table to generate the less important encounters in a dungeon or other encounter area, as a list of encounters with ELs at or near 3rd level, or as a list from which to choose an encounter whenever you need one.

d% Encounter
1–5 Roll on 2nd-level table
6–9 Fiendish Snake (BW), CR 1
10–12 Half-Orc Spy (BW), CR 1
13–15 Darkmantle (NB) CR 1
16–18 Krenshar (NB), CR 1
19–22 Soulknife Infiltrator (BW), CR 1
23–25 Ravenous Ghoul (DoD), CR 1
26–27 Greenspawn Sneak (BW), CR 2
28–29 Gnoll Claw Fighter (NB), CR 2
30–31 Demonweb Swarm (DoD), CR 2
32–34 Ice Mephit (NB), CR 3
35–37 Kobold Monk (BW), CR 3
38–40 Skeletal Reaper (BW), CR 3
41–43 Earth Mephit (NB), CR 3
44–46 Animated Statue (DoD), CR 3
47–49 Blood of Vol Cultist (BW), CR 3
50–52 Greenspawn Zealot (NB), CR 3
53–55 Shadow (NB), CR 3
56–58 Gnoll Barbarian (BW), CR 3
59–61 Rot Scarab Swarm (DoD), CR 3
62–64 Mercykiller (BW), CR 4
65–67 Trained Carrion Crawler (NB), CR 4
68–70 Shrieking Harpy (DoD), CR 4
71–73 Bluespawn Ambusher (NB), CR 4
74–76 Acheron Goblin (BW), CR 4
77–79 Hammerer (BW), CR 4
80–82 Carnage Demon (NB), CR 4
83–85 Greater Barghest (NB), CR 5
86–88 Living Flame Sphere (BW), CR 5
89–91 Earth Element Gargoyle (BW), CR 5
92–93 Verdant Reaver (NB), CR 5
94–95 Guardian Mummy (DoD), CR 5
96–00 Roll on 4th-level table

And remember, all Desert of Desolation creatures will appear in the 4th edition D&D Monster Manual, and you'll be able to download their updated stats for the new D&D Miniatures rules in January 2008! Get More at D&D Insider!

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