D&D Miniatures11/13/2007

Round 2
All-Stars Voting Recommences!

All-Star Voting FAQ

To head off some of the inevitable queries about this process, here are some of the questions that we anticipate hearing.

Q: What's the poll schedule?
A: We'll post two polls per week from now through January (with the exception of the week between Christmas and New Year's Day).

Q. How many polls will there be?
A: About 20.

Q: What are the poll themes going to be?
A: Each week's polls will be announced that week.

Q: What poll will my favorite mini be in?
A: We're not announcing the miniatures included in any poll before the poll is posted. We want you to focus on one week of polls at a time rather than thinking about all of them simultaneously.

Q: Will each miniature appear in only one poll?
A: Some miniatures will appear in more than one poll. However, once a miniature has garnered a spot in the All-Star set, it won't appear in any future polls. In addition, the last two polls will allow you to vote on all remaining finalist miniatures that haven't yet made it into the All-Star set. These "last chance" polls will give you a final opportunity to lobby for your favorite miniatures.

Q: Will there be Huge, Gargantuan, or Colossal figures in the All-Star set?
A: No. Because of the relatively small number of Huge and larger miniatures (compared to the vast number of non-Huges), we decided not to include any Huge, Gargantuan, or Colossal models in the All-Star set. In order to accommodate the size category with anything more than a token figure or two, we'd have to take too many valuable spots away from the more playable non-Huge figures, and that just didn't seem like a good idea. Don't worry; we'll still be updating the skirmish statistics for all Huge figures as part of the normal update schedule, and we'll update the Gargantuan and Colossal figures as well.

If you missed the results from the 1st Round polls, you can find them here.

And remember, all Desert of Desolation creatures will appear in the 4th edition D&D Monster Manual, and you'll be able to download their updated stats for the new D&D Miniatures rules in January 2008! Get More at D&D Insider!
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